Tempest 165

I am close to buying the Tempest 165 from L.L. Bean this weekend. They have a big sale for anyone who has there credit card.

Just wondering if it fits my needs.

I am a weekend paddler around 10 miles or more total.

I realy don’t go camping, but the reviews here soud like it is a great kayak.

Wilderness Systems says it for smaller paddlers.

I am 5’ 8" 150 lbs.

They also say it a great rough water kayak.

Most of my paddling is in the intracoastal in South Fl.

There is mostly boat wakes with some rough seas when you get near the inlets.

Any help would be apprciated before I put in the order.

I am also waiting to see if they would ship the newer model with the improved TruTrak Skeg.

I currently paddle a Current Design Squamish that I bought from a kayak shop that was there demo.

Final word anyone who has a L.L. Bean credit card should take advantage of ther sale, everything is 20 %off plus free shipping, thru Oct 12

Thanks Robert g

Great boat
The Tempest 165 is one of the best all round sea kayaks available IMHO. It should fit you well.

It is always best to try before you buy.

The T165 is a very good boat.

It will make you smile
’nuf said.

Very Happy With Mine
When I moved the seat back a couple of inches… perfect.

It’s an excellant kayak and your size is
perfect for the 165. The kayak works well for day trips, is GREAT in rough water, and is easy to paddle right from the start. And can be depended on as your paddling skills develop.

Still, I’d TRY before using that credit card. (And see if the boats are seconds). I’m in SW Florida (Venice) and you’re welcome to try mine. There’s also a Tempest Owner’s group on Yahoo which may help. Tempests’ aren’t as common in Florida as the NE or NW, but I find a lot of people sure like them after trying them.

Some older Tempests have a problem with leaky hatches, which you DON’T want. I’ve never had problems with mine (2006 model) and it’s been used for hundreds of tours as well as teaching kayaking and rescues. The new ones appear to have this problem handled and the hatches are dry and secure.

You should fit perfectly

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I very much doubt you will get one with a TruTrak skeg. My local retailer said they will be getting theirs in the spring time (makes sense - now folks are off-loading for the "slow" winter season when not that many buy kayaks).

If it is a 2010 model, which it will most likely be (or even if it is a late '09) the seat is already positioned farther aft or may be the foot pegs are more forward or both. I'm 6'4" with 36" inseam and there is exactly enough legroom for me with the rails all the way extended forward (I'm slightly over-sized for the boat but still fit barefoot as I have about 30-40lb on you; you should fit perfectly). You should have a couple of notches left, so no moving of seat would be needed, most likely, unless you want to change the trim of the kayak front to back for some reason.

Check the hatch covers match the diameter of the hatch openings -;) If they do, they do not leak, new or old style regardless. If the shape of the opening is bad (too small/too big/crooked, etc.) due to manufacturing, then the covers will not make good contact and will leak no matter what.

Check the skeg cable as it goes through the two rear bulkheads - sometimes it is not glued where it passes through and you want to apply some 3M adhesive or Lexan or Marine Goop or similar as otherwise water from the cockpit if you overturn will leak into these hatches.

The skeg is supposed to have two small plastic washers/spacers on its sides around the pivot axel so it flutters less side to side. I've seen more than one boat where these were missing. Not a big deal, just the skeg is very loose and makes even more noises than with the washers. If you need, you can easily add your own so not a reason to return/exchange if that's the only issue with the kayak. Also, on 3 out of 3 Tempests and the one Zephyr 160 I've checked, the skeg blade were bent front to rear considerably due to a manufacturing/material defects. I would imagine that may impact tracking in a straight line when there is no wind but in reality it will probably not be too noticeable as you can compensate in wind by using more or less skeg and when there is no wind you probably do not need a skeg either...

Perfect for your size and weight …
… And will be able to handle easily the conditions you describe. BUT how the boat fits you is more important, and how it feels in the water. So, great boat, great price … BUT you really should try one on if at all possible before you buy one.

A kayak is like a pair of pants … no matter how great the deal, how well rated the boat is, if it doesn’t fit you, it might not be a great boat for you. Fit is not just about size and weight, it’s how your particular body fits in that particular boat. We’re all different.

Should be a good fit
I paddle mostly a Tempest 165 but also sometimes i will paddle our daughters Squamish (standard size poly) as i can lift that one by myself if paddling alone. If the squamish fits you and isn’t a high volume (cant speak for that sized one) - the tempest will fit nicely. I noticed yesterday paddling the tempest vs the squamish the day before, how much more lively the tempest is and how it leans so easily for turns! I am sure once you get past the difference in primary stability, you will enjoy it alot !!

what they said…
and congrats will be in order! Even tho you don’t ‘presently’ paddle in conditions the boat was designed for, if you DO get out in a little rough stuff, you will really appreciate the 165. It’s a sweetheart, IMNSHO. :wink: