tempest 17 v. eclipse 17

i have recently been looking at getting a touring kayak and am thinking about these two. what are some of the differences. i will mostly be kayaking in lakes but like to get into conditions whenever possible, also i want to work some on different skills. i haven’t gotten a chance to try either of them, but just wanted to see what some of you think.


skeg or rudder
The eclipse is an efficient big boat with a rudder, the Tempest is a responsive big boat with a skeg.

My beef with the Eclipse is that it’s become a mass produced commodity with a collection of compromises in the details accumulated over 20yrs as it gets “improvements”. The rudders on the Neckys are better, the cable clips on the rudder deployment line is a skin scraper. The eclipse hulls used to get hog back, don’t know if that’s improved.

The only shortcoming to the Tempest is the inconsistant longevity of the hatch closure.

Either boat could be a good boat for rough water and a range of paddler skills. In other words the boat won’t limit you.

Apples and Oranges
I have owned both and there is a big difference between the two boats.

They were both poly construction and 17’ long. After that they are very different.

As pointed out Eclipse has a rudder Tempest has a skeg. Which I favor.

Eclipse had neoprene slip on covers with plastic hatch covers over that. Tempest has rubber hatch covers and a day hatch.

The Eclipse cockpit is huge. The Tempest is much tighter.

Higher cargo capacity in the Eclipse.

The Tempest is more comfortable for me, the seating system is one of the best. I would get a backache in the Eclipse.

Quality about even, both had leaking bulkheads that I had to seal. You will really need to test paddle these to see the difference on the water.