Tempest 170 Backband Broke

This boat (a couple of years old) has the phase 3 seating. This week the backband nylon frayed and broke while paddling (this made for a short day). It wore due to the metal piece that it runs through which was very sharp. Wilderness Systems is sending a new piece of strap but now we wonder if my boat or his other side might go at any time. He used a dremmel tool to dull the extremely sharp edges.

My question to other who paddle with this nice seat system, is this a rare occurrance or should i be looking for strapping to take with us in case this happens again to our other tempest or my hubbys on the other side? Just wondering.

…When I replaced my seat I had that band off and noticed the sharp edges. I smoothed them down on general principals. It looked like something that could be a problem at some point. I had never heard of it happening though.

Glad I did.


I’ve owned a tempest 170 since
nov 2003 and have never had that problem(and few others) with it.

Maybe machining on some
of the buckles only were made this way. He took the other side out and it is also fraying - so he is going to file that one down also and the problem will be fixed. Something for others to check so they can fix before it breaks on them at an inconvenient time!

“Coined” fittings
Many buckles are stamped out of sheet stock - coined - and depending on how well the batch it finished may have sharp edges.

A simple way to round these is to use a strip of plumbers emery paper, thread it through the buckle, and saw it back and forth like you were shining a shoe.