Tempest 170 Fit?

I have a question for those who are paddling the T170, and/or for flatpick (if you are picking up email as of late).

Although I know this question will be adequately answered by me when I demo the Tempest 170 in two weeks, I hope to gather some information from others first.

I am 5’10", weigh 213 lbs…(moving quickly to 200 lbs as a stable weight). I just read a description of the T 170 that from a Canadian Retailer that described the weight of paddler for this boat as 135-180 lbs…which surprised me. I sat in one 2 weeks ago and it felt great in terms of fit.

The question I have…is my weight excessive for optimal handling for the plastic T170? The T180 is not an option given that is not yet available in plastic…a price thing.

Many thanks…


If the cockpit
fits you well you’ll have no worries. Your weight is no problem for the 170. The retailer may be quoting specs more in line with the 165.

The WS web site lists max capacity for the 170 at 350 lbs.

Bet you’re going to like it!

Pleasant waters.


I have the Tempest 170
in kevlar.I’m 6’ 210#.It is a little tight getting in and out,but the way it handles makes up for it.


Those Specs…
I agree with Holmes. Those specs refer to the Tempest 165. I think the retailer screwed up, eh?

You might fit in the boat allright , but if you’r

weight is to much , the kayak will be to low in the

water.If a good wave comes up , you may go over.


Many thanks guys…I was really hoping the specs were off…as they didn’t fit with what I have read before. Sitting in the T170 on dry land was GREAT! Never sat in a kayak with such comfort…and I hadn’t even ‘customized’ the fitting yet. So…I am psyched. Will let you know how it goes…


what they said and…
you’re right, the demo will answer the question.

When prototyping the 170 I filled it with water jugs to nearly 400 lbs (including me). I could paddle it OK and the stability was awesome but definitely a loss of performance. I started unloading water till it felt the boat moved through the water with some effeciency and I was able to maintain speed and glide (GPS). The optimum was 320 with a healthy downward dip after 350.

Me thinks the Canadian dealer was talking T-165. I found it to be only about 50-70 lbs less capacity than the 170.

btw, I have been gone for three weeks running the Colorado river thru the Grand Canyon! all tan and bummed to be back!


What boat in the GC?
Not a Tempest 170 I bet!

interesting ?
I was very bummed that at the last minute a couple of the boatmen backed out of our group and it required me to row the canyon. It’s my 4th trip rowing my AIRE Leopard cataraft. It’s 18’ long with a 12’ frame and hauls a bunch of stuff. no rips or flips!

truth be told, I WAS going to take a plastic 165!