Tempest 170 & Greenland Paddle

Hi again…

Please bear with my Tempest 170 questions.

I am assuming that the T170 is built around the cockpit, such that the use of a GP is comfortable and natural, as compared to using a GP (GP paddling style) in a boat with a higher gunnel.

Am I correct? Can one comfortably use a GP with a T!? Hope so…as that is my plan.

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Tempest w/greenland paddle
A greenland paddle should work well with that boat. Foredeck is low and not peaked. WS even shows this combination in their advertising photo.

I have a Tempest 170
and have a 90" greenland paddle.They work very well together. I’m 6’and 210#s.


Wow…everything I hear about this boat says it is right for me! When I sat in it the fit was perfect…cannot wait to check it out in 2 weeks.

Many thanks guys…


that photo
was taken of ME surfing the waves at Oceanside, OR. It’s a 230cm Don Beale paddle and yes the Tempest works quite well with a GP. Low foredeck and narrow (ish) beam.


Oh man,
that’s gonna be a long two weeks :slight_smile:


T’s and GP’s - photos…
Yup! they go together well…


Here ya go, 6 tempests and 3 GPs on one trip.

More photos here…



one more photo - GP and Tempest

This shot of two tempests in the Lower Columbia River Gorge both with Greenland Paddles.


Ps: Photo is Flatpick and AJ

Hey Wade…fantastic shots! Now the two weeks will seem like a month or two.

Salivating already…


there’s no correlation
the Tempest is a kayak,you can use any kind of paddle

T 180
I demoed the T180 today with a gp. All I can say is WOW!!!