Tempest 170 - how heavy is yours?

Just curious, how heavy is the WS Tempest 170 plastic? I see two different specifications - 61 lb and 56 lb. WS lists it as 56 lb currently.

Also, did anything change in materials or otherwise b/w 2007 and 2008 year model? I checked out an '08 model at REI and it felt very stiff and sturdy for a plastic boat, where the one I paddled on a demo day seemed softer to me (not sure what year was it, plus it was outdoors in the sun, so that might have helped soften it).

I guess I’ll measure it soon, just curious as I can’t find reliable info on the subject. I’m waiting for one to arrive next week. My wife will paddle it initially, but I may take over if I like it enough and get her either another one or a shorter/lighter boat if that feels too tippy for her as a total beginner -:wink:


I’d say closer to 61
One of my paddling compadres has the 170 in plastic and it feels heavier than my Explorer when loading/unloading/carrying. And I doubt very seriously that mine is the rated 54#. Very nice boat, however.

mine is 58 lbs with hatches NM

the factory specs on my 2003 T-170 rm say 61 but I’ve never weighed it—did you actually weigh yours?

stood on a scale, grimaced at my weight, picked up boat and stepped on scale again and subtracted.

And no I will not divulge numbers but i do know how to subtract.


I guess weight can vary from boat to boat as well.

Does anyone know if '07 and '08 (or previous years) are the same? When did this made from “Gen 2” plastic came about?

try not to stand on scales–lol good to know–I often wondered whether the factory specs on weight were accurate.

Weight of 170
Too heavy.

One day I will start an organization to lobby for 2.5 lbs. max per foot.

Seriously, I’ve never weighed it but it weighs less than it was new since it has may scratches and gouges.


Mt. Pleasant, SC

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell
I’m surprised that somebody brought this subject up. You rarely see plastic kayakers discuss the weight of their kayaks. The manufacturers seem to provide optimistic weights and the buyers seem hesitant to tell you what their home scales revealed.

I was just curious…
Plastic or non-plastic …

Just got a shipping confirmation for my new Tempest.

Apparently it is heavier than I thought it would be -:wink:

  S H I P M E N T   I N F O R M A T I O N     <br />


DATE OF SHIPMENT : 06/23/2008





WEIGHT : 197.0 Lbs


58 lb with hatches here too
Mine just arrived today. Not sure how accurate my scale is (being a $5 one), but with the boat alone without me (hatches were installed) it clocked at 58lb average after a few tries. Give or take a couple of lb I’d say, but seems to be less than 60. Even 56lb would not be out of the question.