Tempest 170 poly or pro?

I am 6’3 190 with size 12 feet could anyone of comparable size tell me if I would be a fit for the tempest 170?

I would DEFINITELY demo the boat, as there are sooooo many idiosyncratic fit issues. Having said that, I believe you would likely be a perfect fit, as I know others in your size range that love the fitof the boat. At 225lbs and 5’10" I had a poly T170…loved the fit…a tad snug for me but I like it that way.

I liked the fit/feel of the composite cockpit more than the poly…again…individual differences. I have size 12 dogs, but then again your feet will be closer to the bow than mine…demo the boat.

If you ever get a chance to demo a strip-built boat, the Redfish King…check it out…would be a perfect fit for you. I am building one, and know of many folks your size who find it a perfect fit and an extraordinary boat to paddle.

btw…depending upon how you are built…you might also want to demo a T165. I couldn’t fit in comfortably, but you might.

Demo…demo…demo…and enjoy.


I’m not a comparable size
but you’d fit fine.

you fit. but…demo it and make sure it speaks to ya!