Tempest 170 pro , build quality ?

Lots of concerns out there re: quality on Confluence boats. Heard alot bad about plastic ones. Are folks seeing same with FG?


heard but not seen
so my post is suspect. However what I have heard is that the quality control issues were primarily with the plastic boats and are pretty much over. You should be seeing good quality coming in.

the composite boats are another thing entirely. Here you have non automated processes, and skilled workers making these boats who have a lot of pride in what they do. I have heard that the quality is exceptional now.

However, it just reminded me that old saying that you don’t want a monday or a Friday car. On monday the workers don’t want to come to work. On friday (after Thursday payday) they either don’t show up at all or are all sick with the brown bottle flu. Just the kind of person I want doing quality control on my car!

course I am sure this is all just a vicous rumour.



Our experience with FG Tempests
We have two Tempests a T165 and a T180 and have NOT had any quality problems at all. In fact, quite the opisite, they have been fantastic boats.


Mine is fine . .
I spend alot of time around Boreal, Perception, CD, and Wildy boats (CH15,17,T165,T170,Northstar) and I don’t see big differences in quality. My personal boat is a T170 Pro (3rd season) and it has been excellent. The only issue I had was early on fixing the proverbial leaky skeg fitting (mini-hose clamp and GOOP). Other than that it has been a primo boat with no other repairs or quality issues. I wish it didn’t have the proprietary hatch covers, mostly because of the historic buzz and bungees, not because they leak. All my other boats, Perception and CD, had some level of repair required after this length of use.

My plastic T165 has been trouble-free
I know you asked about glass, but with the comment about “bad plastic boats” I thought you should know that there are good ones, too.

My previous sea kayak, a CD Squall, had several problems, but it’s strange how you never hear much about them. Maybe it’s because that’s an old model and the Tempests are recent.