Tempest 170 vs eddyline fathom

paddled both and really liked them. Now the question is ---- which do i buy!

any advice.


Buy the one you like the best
Once you have narrowed it down to 2 boats, and paddled both, not much anybody can tell you. They are both good boats with their own character. Besides, you haven’t stated your size, experience, skill level,location, intended use, ambitions, etc.

The dealer might make a difference. It is important to be sure that the dealer is going to support you and make sure that if anything isn’t right, it will be made right. Also make sure that you have paddled both in a variety of conditions - in particular wind and waves.

If a newer paddler, a lesson with the 2 boats would be a great investment.

Your height, weight, paddling plans,
interests? Two quite different boats IMO, one I like, one I don’t.


is lighter than polyethylene and much more durable than composite. I don’t know what material the Tempest is that you’re looking at, but all other things being equal, I’d go with thermoplastic (Fathom).

much more durable than composite?

I am not being sarcastic, but an genuinely curious about thermoplastic being more durable than composite.

Maybe initially,sure, but “much more durable”? Also keep in mind, a composite boat is almost infinetely repairable(break one in half and with proper repair methods it can be made as strong as new). Small cracks in a thermoformed boat are very fixable but i’d be concerned about repairability of structural damage.

If you have to ask, providing no specifics of your perception or expectation I’d say you could pick either one.

I own an Eddyline Nighthawk 17.5 and one
thing I would consider is the manufacturer itself. When I had questions about my boat I called the company and spoke to the owner directly. I think his wife answered the phone, but of this I am not sure. The owner talked to me for as long as I wanted to talk and returns my emails whenever I send them. Call the manufacturer of the Tempest and see if you get a similar response. I can’t say enough good about my ownership experience or the boat so far. I will say that the seat in the Eddyline is not as good as the rest of the boat. I am very hard on my boats and the Carbonlite so far is tough and looks nice. For me the decision was between the Eddyline and the P&H Capella 173, in the end I went with the boat that impressed me the most. Chances are that you won’t go wrong with either boat and you can always sell it later and move on to the next latest and greatest. Good luck.

Tempest vs. Fathom
Both fun boats. The Fathom is longer, lighter, and faster than the Tempest. The Tempest has a more comfortable seat than the Fathom, IMO, but the seat in the Fathom can always be swapped out. If you are going to be rolling, the deck on the Fathom is a bit too high to be really comfortable for most people. Fathom is also really for taller folks. Example: unless you had Eddlyine install the footbraces up a few inches you would never be able to lend your boat to someone 5’6" and under, which you may never plan to do anyway so it would be a non issue.

two completely different boats
personal preference. High foredeck is a killer for me. I am enough of a sail as it is!


The Tempest 170 my wife has
is 17’ while the Fathom is listed as 16.5’ on their site. It’s barely noticeable in the water. I liked them both, but my wife chose the Tempest because it’s available in poly. That was a plus because we’re novices, and it’s very rocky where we paddle. Also, the poly Tempest cost half what the Fathom was going for. In our quest for “The Perfect Boat,” they were very close. I must say that the Fathom is one GORGEOUS boat!