Tempest 170: what size SD spray skirt?

I’m packing my bags for a trip and don’t know which spray skirt to pack. Can anyone tell me what size Snap Dragon spray skirt a Tempest 170 takes? M or L? Many thanks in advance!

Fit list says medium


boy, you sure can’t get much information
on this old clunker of a web site very fast, can you?

Thanks guys!

(By the way, the answer is: Tempest 170: M (for the XL tube size I have no one to blame but myself))

I use L skirt instead of M
I have both L and M skirts (snap dragon). I much prefer to use the L on the Tempest. I’ve never had any problems with the skirt coming off, it’s taught and secure.

Additionally, it’s much easier to put on. Not to mention, I can use it with my Tempest 165, Tempest 180, and NDK Romany HV.


wow-i was worried there for aminute…
i have used a large deck on my tempest…for a while now…3 years???yeah…

got worried when everyone else was saying different…although the neoprene deck of my skirt is quite stretchy…


I use large too.
SD, all neoprene, large. That’s the recommended size for my T180, but tight. I find it fits well on the T170 and any other WW boat I’ve tried.

Especially if the T170 is fiberlass, I’d say large. My L fit fine on a RM T170 too though.

Paul S.

I know.
The near real time communication with the paddling community at large, is great!

Paul S.