Tempest 180 - Flatpick?

Will WS have any demos on the east coast this spring? I’d really like to paddle a Tempest 180, as well as a Impex Assateague. Really want to try out that Phase 3 seat - it looks like a great system for thigh support.


good choices on both

In case you’re interested, I posted a couple reviews of the Tempest 180 at the URL above. Had I not purchased the T180 I would have gone with the Assateauge(sp)

I’ve paddled both and they very similar, minor configuration changes. The Impex Assateague is just a bit smaller.

good luck in your search! I love my Tempest!


O- yeah- ROTO 2!
reps should have both the T-180 f/g AND coming mid-summer-ish the T-180 in roto. been a long time comin’ but whoooo hooo finally a big guys, performance roto sea boat!

where are you?


Are you bringing it to the Jersey paddler show in March?

Jim is in WV I think.


Jersey always gets a couple for the show. see ya there!


CU there
Maybe we can talk about our millies.


I’m in southern WV, but I have been wanting to go to the Jersey Paddler shindig for some time. Looks like I may have to visit some friends in Paoli PA and drag them up there.

A 180 in roto…what kind of weight are we talking about?


certified big guy

it takes to make her ‘sturdy’.

It is the manufacturer’s quest to make the lightest boat possible, while maintaining structural integrity. We want the BIG ol’ gal to be sturdy for BIG loads and heavy duty (read- rough conditions) use but still light enough to pack on top of your car, lug to the garage or to the water, etc.

We are just finishing up the mold so a production proto-type is a ways off. I’m ‘guessing’ 65 lbs.


Paoli Pa.
I am 15 miles from Paoli, and Paoli is 15 minutes from some great flatwater paddling (Valley Forge Natl Park/ Schuykill River). I have a 2005 Tempest 170 that you are welcome to paddle with the phase three seat. Let me know. Cliff

Thanks for the invite
but I am large at this time (280) and I fear I might not be able to squeeze into a 170! I need to get back down to an acceptable weight, as my QCC500 is beginning to feel tight.


bite the bullet and give the 180 a try!!!

and this spring (late) or early summer it will be in roto!!!



What about that Tarpon 180?

I’m making plans
for teh Jersey Paddler shindig. Hope to see you there!