Tempest 180 skirt

I have a Tempest 180 Pro, and want a good quality, neoprene sprayskirt. Seals lists the wrong size, Wilderness Systems can’t help, and my dealer has had no luck.

Any ideas out there?


most companies have size charts
just look on the website and check out there sizing. If in doubt find another kayak with a similar size cockpit and check the skirt manufacturer’s website for that kayak.

The 170 is 1.4
and the 180 is listed as 1.7 size on some manufacturer’s charts. The 180 cockpit is longer than the 170.

Some skirts give the circumference of the cockpit, which you can measure.

Lastly, keep in mind that skirts from different materials fit differently. And some need more work to fit than others, so things are somewhat approximate and your best bet is to experiment with a few if you get a chance.

I just bought a new skirt for a different boat (smaller than yours) and in the store tried three that were supposed to fit - one I could not get on at all (natural rubber, needs softening i hot water I’m told), the second would implode when I pushed on it (too big), the third was just right. All three by the way were supposed to be for a smidgen larger cockpit than what I tried on, so I think none was a perfect fit for their advertised size but I found that fit mine well this way…

Try Immersion Research…
They list their skirt size by length and width of coaming. I have 2 or 3 IR skirts and they are really nice.


Is what I have on my 165. I love it. Multiple options. I’d check them out as well. Good luck- Toddy

Ditto IR
Feel free to give us a call & we can match up your coaming to the IR skirts I have in inventory based on the measurement, to make sure it’s the right fit.

Of course as an IR dealer, I’m biased. Seals and Snapdragon are also good and I’m sure they can get you the right size if you call them or a dealer.

2nd the SD

Reed Chillcheater cockpit XL is also good


A quick check of the SD fit list and they do seem to recognize that the 180 needs a bigger skirt than the 170.

SD makes a great skirt too.