Tempest Back support

I test paddled a 165 roto temptest today. It was a nice boat, a bit squirrely compared to my cape horn. But seems to have no lumbar back support. Does P and H Capellas have better back support?


I love the P&H seat and backband
really nice as shipped, even nicer if you custom fit a bit of foam to the backband.

Not able to fit onto the tempset 16 never had a chance to paddle any of the others yet. No coomparison possible for me

lumbar back support
what do you normally paddle in?

We Can Talk
I have a Cape Horn and a Tempest 165. The Tempest comes with a backband instead of a seatback. It’s adjustable up and down, forward and back. Just tweak it 'til it feels good.

did you adjust the backrest? While NOT a barco type, mid-back, solid chair support, the whitewater style backrest allows for good support, rotation and lay back options for rolling and braces.


I think
I didn’t adjust it. It didn’t seem that it could be. I’ve found a demo’d twice fiber Capella, that I think I’m going to purchase. Those that have paddled both, tell me what you think. I’ve heard that both boats are similar, except the hatches on the Tempest are troublesome to put on. A new tempest cost 2700, a new Capella cost 2290. I’ve heard more about the Capella than the tempest. I went out today in Lake Jordan here in Raleigh. Actually in Chatam Co. in my Cape Horn 17. It’s much more stable than the tempest I tried yesterday, but I can deal with the tippiness. The tempest I went out in yesterday was a 165, which is more than likely too small for me. I’m 5’10" 240. Talk to me professional Kayakers. I’ve been kayaking for 3 1/2 years now, and have a very good onside roll. Ready to move to a higher performer.


The Tempest band
is one of the best bands from a manufacturer, in my experience.

I have, however, had several folks make similar comments as you after they paddled the boat initially.

The thing is, this band is not supposed to remain in a completely fixed position or be so rigid that flexibility is reduced. The Tempest band will move with you as you rotate and it will angle when you excute a layback roll, scull for support, etc.

The band does require more attention and fiddling to achieve the proper position for any given individual. Once properly adjusted, you’ll find the band offers a very good blend of support and mobility.

Are your thigh braces adjusted properly? This will also make a difference.

I paddled my T-165 for a month without the backband in place as I was experimenting with different seat configurations. The band felt intrusive when I re-installed it. The beauty of decks lower than the norm.

Keep fiddlin’ with the positioning and I think you’ll be surprised.

Pleasant waters to ya.


Wrong Boat
At 240 pounds, I think you were definitely in the wrong boat. A Tempest 170 or 180 would be more like it.

You don’t want lumbar support…
…in a kayak, you want hip support. That’s what back bands do. They support your hips and pelvis while allowing your torso to twist unimpeded. Tall back supports chafe if you paddle with proper torso rotation. Also, you shouldn’t be leaning back as you paddle, which a tall back band will encourage you to do.

240’s a pretty much FULL load in a 165.