Tempest compartment volume

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Scott asked a while back for the gallonage volume of the Tempest compartments. Took a while for our nerd designer to do the math. might have been easier to just measure with a bucket!

roto model so composite will be a touch bigger (thinner bulkheads)






btw- it's hard to format a table here!

I’d prefer the units to be in grapefruit sized spheres,4" approximately. Since that’s the smallest size bag I’d use.

The pet store has some 4" diameter tennis balls,brb in a few months with the answer.

hmm,are those imperial gallons?

conversion units
Just in case you need to compare other boats.

1 Gal. equals 3.785 liters

1 gal. equals .133 cubic feet

now what about the cockpit???

and the volume of my 170pro???it does have 9" of foam at the bulkhead…

nice to know…

thanks steve!!!

Yes But…
How many furlongs to the hogshead can you get in a Tempest?

Not sure what you are asking…
Hogshead is a volume measurement, but furlong is a length measurement.

So Steve’s figure in furlongs/hogsheads would be:


(furlong) (hogsheads)




I really hope this helps.

You know, like “mpg”-“fph”


and I thought this would be a ‘dry’ beta thread with little response! I guess it’s the almost-mid-week-wish-I-were-yakin’-can’t-wait-till-SATURDAY blues.

yes, those are imperial gallons. (not) just standard US’ers.

Not sure that they did the cockpit but what really matters is how your butt/legs/feet fit!

I personally don’t wanna know how many gallons I gotta pump if she fills!


and who the hay has the time to figure out furlong/hogshead conversions?? like I said…wow.



This IS paddling.net

I still think
the number of GSU (grapefruit sized units) is a better determiner of usable volume.

That’s LCUs in Florida…
Large Citrus Units…