Tempest hatches

I heard that Tempests now come with Kajak hatch covers. Neat. Any pictures? The WS website photos are out of date.

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I ordered a composite 165 and I understand it will be delivered with Kajak Sport hatch covers.


Kajaksport hatches on both…
the new composite and poly Tempests, or only the composite?

Great move on Confluence’s part, but it should have come sooner.

but reinventing the wheel is so fun
and the customer pays for the experience.

Composite only
From what I’ve heard, the good hatches are only going on the composite kayaks. They are leaving the crappy ones on the poly boats from what I recall.

Will they fit existing hatches?
Looks like they come with hatches in the picture … would be great if they could be used to replace the existing covers only as needed.

flatpick posted
awhile back:


Oh well…
… my hatches don’t leak so no big deal …

You can retrofit the kayak hatch
onto the tempest. I was talking to faltpick at WCSKS last weekend. He has the kajak hatches and covers on some of his personal older tempests. He said you can take a certain dremel (sp?) tool and run it around the WS hatch and cut it off flush with the fiberglass. Then you put calking around the cut surface and press the kajak hatch in. He said it’s not a big deal. My hatches don’t leak either though, most of the time. I think sometimes I don’t get them all the way on.

Paul S.

Old Hatch Durability/Replacement?
Perhaps a question for Flatpick…

If WS Tempest is moving to Kayaksport hatches, will WS still provide the old style hatches as replacements?

For those with current style WS hatches, does anyone have concerns about their durability?

Seems like you would be stuck if you lost/broke your old hatch and WS was no longer making replacements. A forced upgrade to Kayaksport hatches could be unwanted and expensive.

Anyone with opinions on the durability of the old hatches?

been out
on the water since west Coast sympo and haven’t had time to come here! :slight_smile: and :frowning:

Yes, we have switched hatch models on the composite (PRO) Wilderness Systems boats. Tempest and Tsunamis. Anything forward of AUG birthdates will be KS.

As Paul stated the old hatch rims can be removed and replaced with KS hatches. bit of a job and some $$$.

No, the KS hatches do NOT fit the Wildy rims.

Yes, we will have replacement rubber for the old style rims. They will probably be with the roto models for some time. they actually work pretty well most of the time.

Our WS hatches are actually the most durable rubber out there. Valley is the most fragile, KS in the middle.

My test boat, which has seen some gnarly conditions since AUG has proven 100% dry. Just got off 6 days at Cape Flattery and other West Coast gems.


does your test boat use WS or KS hatches