Tempest Pro 170

Looking at a 03 Pro 170. Seems to be in good condition (pictures). I recall there may be some hatch cover problems with the older models but cannot find anything with my searches. Anything I should be aware of? Anyone have a rough idea what price range this boat would be in?


A Little Knowledge
If the hatch covers are two toned - not so good. If solid black with ‘Kajaksport’ text on it - good. I’d offer about half the new price for it.

There were also reports of skeg box
leaks. My bother recently got a 2007. No problem with either.

…joining the Tempest Owners Yahoo Group. Post the question there. Steve hangs out.

03/04 Tempest
I have one of that generation that I still paddle alot. Has the original WS hatches (2 tone) that had a reputation for leaking but was never a big issue for me. If you make sure they are on correctly, not a big deal. One of those fine but not great things.

Skeg box leak was a little trickier. Fitting didn’t have good purchase in rear hatch on top of skeg box so got some water in. Once I figured it out, re-seated the fitting and sealed with a marine adhesive (Goop, 3M, Lexel, not silicone) and it was fine.

Overall, the Tempest is a great boat and you should be able to get a bargain on it.

price depends on condition
At that age, in my area I’d expect the boat to go for perhaps $1300 if it looked nearly new. Shiny gelcoat, seat not all bleached and worn out, bungies and deck lines fresh. Any wear brings the price down. I just bought my dad a Tempest 170 pro for something like $500, because it needed about $200 of glass work, and the deck was oxidized.