Tempest seat( adjustable?)

Always loved the look, feel and performance of the Tempest 170 when I test paddled, only concern was my inability to get in butt first and then bring in legs., one at a time. ( I’m 6’2" and 185 with 34-35 inseam) . Saw a recent posting where flatpick states it’s fairly easy to move the seat back an inch or two, but always thought it might impact the boat’s trim. Now this option seems again open to me! Would like some advice-guidance. Thanks

I Did It In My 165
Actually I paid the local paddle shop to do it. The guy who did it was concerned that it wouldn’t perform well after the seat was moved back two inches. It paddles just fine. With my long, heavy legs it probably made the weight distribution more ‘normal’!

He just put the ‘front’ bolts in the rear holes. Drilled two new rear holes and welded shut the unused front holes. Works great and he didn’t charge much.

apples and Oranges
My question is why do you want to get into the Tempest like you would a Pungo? If someone wants or needs a buttfirst boat, they’re out there, even in the touring categories (the Perception Eclipse might be workable, as it has a longer cockpit opening).

But the cockpit design of the Tempest - reasonably snug without being too tight or uncomfortable - is one of its primary attributes. It does require a leg-first approach for most taller people, but that’s not a terribly difficult or unsafe way to get into a kayak. If you haven’t visited a kayak shop yet (not a big box, but a shop where they specialize in kayaking) do it, and have the sales staff show you how to use the paddle to shore brace to effect a leg first entry. You won’t damage the boat, your paddle, or yourself, so there’s no reason to shy away from it.

If you want a Tempest-like fit, but still want a buttfirst boat, look at the Tsunami 175. Bigger cockpit opening, a little longer, might be a better fit for what you’re doing.

Darn - I blew it!
just put the Tempest seat back together last night after fixing the skeg cable. Lots of swear words were involved. Now I’ll have to take it apart again and do this dandy fix…

Alan (6’3" and can’t quite sit and pull legs in)

kayak cockpit entry
Mobrien, your point on cockpit entry is well taken and I do like “snug fitting boats”, It’s just that my primary water entry point is on a rocky excoriated piece of beach. I prefer to float my boat and then get in ( thus the desire to get in butt first). This works quite well with keyhole cockpits , like Explorers and early Eddyline boats … These can have very snug hip and thigh padding yet still allow for “bringing” in the long legs( and size 12 feet). Abasel

It’s Just A Personal Preference Thing

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Some folks like loud colors, some like subdued. Some folks like getting in a boat one way, some like another. One isn't better than the other.

(he said diplomatically. in his heart he screams "BULLSHIT! IN MY BOAT I CAN ENTER AND EXIT TWO WAYS!! IN YOUR DUMBASS OCEAN COCKPIT IT'S JUST ONE!!! I CAN DO ANY DAMN THING IN MY KEYHOLE THAT YOU CAN DO IN THAT STUPID OCEAN!!! he would never actually say these things of course. best to just keep this to himself.)

tempest 175???
Hey steve-when did you make this one???

It’s also good for loaded boats
Get in/out with the kayak floating instead of grinding it on rocks, barnacles, mussels, etc. under the added weight of camping gear.

Butt first is better
right on, Kudzu. nobody breaks a paddle going butt first - I know a few who have using the paddle as a brace for getting in. Also, for those of us with size G feet (Gorilla), I can’t wear water shoes in most boats. The ability to sit, take the shoes off, then pull my legs in, is really great. same goes for pulling legs out, putting on shoes (or sandals) and then getting out. I don’t step on water chesnut horns with bare feet that way…


Tempest 175?
Mobrien mentioned a Tsunami 175

if you do a cowboy scramble
don’t you drop in butt first? Hard to imagine going in feet first in that situation.

lots of comments!

it is easier and safer to enter the boat butt first, especially rough shore, loaded boat, etc. but…it is do-able feet first. just talk to anyone who knows and loves their OCEAN COCKPIT!


the Tempest seat in the roto versions, will move back up to 2" with a re-mount of the 4 seat bolts. it takes a socket and some nimble fingers. I can do it in 10 minutes tops.

it will NOT seriously affect trim if you just load a few items in the front. i carry spare clothes in the bow.

hope this helps.


RM only topic, right?
This must apply only to RM. On my fg T180 the back of the seat base is about 1/4" from the bottom of the rear fg bulkhead. The bulkhead is at a slope as usual with fg. I’m pretty sure that’s to minimize water capacity of the cockpit and maximize volume of the dry compartments. Not that I need to move the seat back.

Paul S.

I moved mine back
I moved mine back about two inches, you need long thin fingers to get the nuts back on the seat bolts. I drilled new holes in the seat and used the existing holes in the hull. Also there is a holddown for the skeg cable on the right side that is held in place by the seat screw. I left it off the first time. Not a hard job but takes some time to get it all back together if you have short fat fingers like I do.

I didn’t notice any difference in the handling of the boat. I also don’t notice any difference now that I’m 30 lbs. lighter so it could just be my senses.

was that a FG model?
Hey Mbboyle, did you do the seat retro on a FG Tempest or a RM? Thanks

mine was plastic
No my tempest is plastic, there’s room to move the seat 2 more inches but that would get complicated. new holes in the hull and patching.

I thought the tempest was screaming fast solo flatwater canoe from mad river…

I have a 170 Pro loaner…

…That I paddled for the first time yesterday. On my return I got stuck half way out trying to get on my dock ladder and I almost had to bail out. When looking at the cockpit it is more than long enough but they placed the seat almost in the middle of it. What’s that all about?

Some folks find that having the seat well forward of the rear coaming makes it easier to lean back.

Could be as you can lay back…
… on the rear deck. But I really don’t think Wildly

thought that far ahead especialy since the seat bottom has a very large lip on the rear edge preventing it from being placed any farther back unless modified.

I would think more people would like to pull their legs in than care about lay back rolls.