Tempest seat creates leak

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back in January I posted this topic, you can go to the archives if you want to read what was said ...to update, Wildy rep told me back in February to have the boat repaired and that Confluence would reimburse me... the check came today. Better late than never! Thanks to Flatpick and Joel McBride for their attention and help with this.

Love My 165
Hope to move the seat aft a bit in the new boat next week.

how was it repaired???
is this a glass or plastic boat???i ferget…

no problem with roto.

Kudzu…when you move the seat back install 2- 1/2" thick 12" X 1.5" piece of foam under both the front and back of the seat. It will make putting the seat back in a little snug but will keep the abrasion down.


Steve …
Do you have to take the seat out in order to see if the foam was installed at the factory? Or can you see the foam sticking out between the hull and seat? I have glass Tempest … origin statement was signed 2/13/06.

you’d see it. I’d guess it doesn’t.


my 170 is a nov 05 - does not have it…

it should
it’s fairly straight-forward putting some in, tho it does require seat removal. 4 bolts, a #1 phillips and a socket inside the seat. it’s a 7/16". when threading the locknuts back on it’s best if the boat is upside down. Gravity works with ya.

I contact cement the foam onto the bottom of the seat.


Will Do
Many thanks.

tempest seat
The pine trees that hold the seat cushion in are sharp, putting foam over them does not take care of the problem. You need to remove the seat pull the foam lose and grind the point off of the pine trees then put the foam back.

Take a nail and push it into minicell foam and what happens, it will go through it, the pine trees ( rivets ) that hold the seat cushion on the plastic seat are very sharp. The factory has not solved the problem by putting foam over them, the point needs to be ground down period.

You don’t want your wieght pushing a sharp object into the hull.


ps I love my tempest 165 but I had to deal with some things that the factory didn’t

Sounds easy enough since I’ll have the seat out anyway.

common sense
who would have thought? It’s funny how smooth/hard glass/plastic kayak seats have been around for decades but the attempt to make one-size-fits-all-sizes-and-all-levels-0f-conditioning to facillitate sales brings in other problems. I sure can’t fit all hard glass seats and have resorted to extensive outfitting to accomodate a butt that developed from cycling.

I wonder what the replacement cost for those seat pads with pokey plastic rivets is.

I Have A Dream

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One day our children will be able to choose between as many kayak seats as there are bike saddles available right now. And the kayak seats will be as adjustable as bike saddles are.