Tempest Seat

Is the Tempest seat and hanger structural? Can it be pulled out and replaced with foam without compromising the strength or rigidity of the hull, deck or combing?


what’s a matter, chodups?
missing your old C18 seat?


Too funny.
I pulled the seat out of my C-18 and built one out of foam. A great seat it was, too. A ten hour plus seat being enjoyed by it’s Canadian owner.http://outdoors.webshots.com/album/551103741WbWdUH

However, I need to be able to sit about 1" further back in order to pull my feet out first and I don’t see a way to move that molding back any more. Plus, as well thought out as the Phase 3 seat is I can make one that works better for me and buys me that inch. The flange on that seat is all the way back against the rear bulkhead so it can’t move and the rear lip of the seat pan digs into my ass if I move the backband back far enough to pull my shims past the front of the combing for exit.

If I can pull that whole she-bang out without the boat falling apart I’ll be a happy boy.

Love the hull. Just need another inch on the front of the combing.

go for it
like I said on the T forum the seat is NOT structural.

If you pull the seat out and grind of the flange you can gain up to an inch, depending on where the B/H actually sits.

good luck


so where can you get it?
Flatpick suggested I upgrade my backband in my boat to the Tempest model.

I can’t find it anywhere.

Anyone know?

What is the T forum?

Tempest seats can be moved back. I’ve done it several times. Measure the distance between bolt holes. Saw that amount off the rear base of the seat. Replace the seat with just two bolts holding it in place. It worked for me… and you got nuthin’ to lose 'cause you have a plan B.

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Tempest Owners Group

I’ve got a saw.

I can do that.

That’s what it looked like it was going to take and I had heard folks say that you could move them back an inch, no problem. I just never heard anyone say, “Just cut the Mother off”.

I can do that!

I think the Tempest backband is sold
under the Harmony brand name:


saw that, yes…
and googled as well. REI lists it, as do other sources but no one has it available

while you’re
at it glue some thin foam or neoprene under the seat fore and aft to pad the seat, especially where you cut 'er off. I use mini cell 3/8" thick 1.5" X 12" or so.


copy that, flatpick!
chodups, out!