tempest size for the 999th time

I know this must be old news, but, I’m a WW paddler wanting to do some lake paddling. I’m 5’10" 175 lbs. size 10 shoe. Will I be cramped in the 165 or wallowing around in the 170? I like a tight fit, as far as being locked into my thigh braces in my Diesel and Blaze, but I don’t find myself catching eddies or carving and surfing on the lake. thanks for a reply.

Can’t try them on?

Please note!
Everyones body parts are different, in girth and length, than everyone elses. This is why MANY on this site recommend you try before you buy.

It’s better if you can fit your body personally to a boat and take, with a grain of salt, recommendations from others. Their suggestions are only a place to start.

What may fit String, Jack, Bob, etc., even if they were your height and weight, will not fit you in the same manner. ie: a pair of pants the same size will fit each person a little bit different. I’ve learned this over the years as I custom make clothing and I adjust patterns to fit the individual.

Good luck in your quest. May you find that perfect one for you.

From what you’ve said…
…and it ain’t much to go on, I would suggest the 165.

About my size
I have a 165 and wouldn’t want a 170.

You Want the 165
Move the seat back a notch.

Unless you plan on heavy camping with the boat, I would suggest a 165. If you are used to ww boats, a 170 would likely feel huge.

At your size and with a whitewater background, I’d guess you’ll be happy in a 165. The 170 is quite a bit larger.

I’m wanting to put in on a large lake and paddle 10 to 15 miles per trip as fast or as slow as I wish. I’ve paddled a Monterey for a couple years, before I got the WW bug, it was okay, but I had to curl my toes, which I don’t want to do in the tempest. I replaced the pegs with a foam bulkhead in the Monterey, which did good. Is this done in the tempest kind of boats too? One final question, where in Ga. can I sit in these boats, dealer, etc? Thanks again for your help.

Go to WS’s site
They have a dealer locator feature and you can look for a shop that has them in stock.

My guess is that the 165 would be a better fit for you, but it’s all about what works with your body. I’m 5’11, 190, and could use a 165, but prefer the fit on the 170, since half the time i’m in it, I’m wearing cold-weather paddling gear, and like having a little extra room.

Foam bulkheads
Yes, we use them in our sea kayaks. I can’t stand foot pegs, can’t last a day in a boat without pain if I have to actually use them. The only thing I am unsure of is whether the bulkhead in the plastic Tempest would hold well against that pressure, if that is what you are thinking of. Our sea kayaks except for the rare use one are composite so have harder bulkheads.

The plastic tempests have foam bulkheads, and I would not use them as a foot-rest. Foaming out the bulkhead in a glass Tempest would be fine though.

Or maybe a foot bar
I have been considering a foot bar.