tempest skeg repair

ok, i openned my big mouth about fixing my friends’ tempests’ skeg and now i’m knee deep.

it appears that the cable (which seems to be kink-free) has detached itself from the slider bar.

is anyone familiar enough with that assembly to give me some advice?

before i take the seat out and start yanking on things i’d like to have some sort of idea what i’m doing.


Some Experience

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I once tried to force the issue with some pebbles jammed up in the skeg box. The cable housing separated from the fitting at the slider. When I got to some tools I was able to slide the housing back onto the fitting and, using pliers, put the clamp back in place. Haven't had a problem since. Don't know if you have the identical problem, but no, you shouldn't have to take anything apart... remove anything... to get to it.

Glad you wrote this. I just looked at the housing and that clamp is rusting fast. Wonder if there's anything I could use to slow down the process.

there is a problem with the little clip on the plastic ones…that clip rusts out that holds the skeg tubing into the slider box…

a quick tript othe hardware store for one of the screw in tubing clamps fixes that…

hit up ‘Flatpick’ for more repair info…

I’ve fixed the skeg
on my Sirius twice. Not sure if the WS slider bar assembly is the same, but I can take a look next weekend. I have all tools you’ll need, too.


the cable needs to fit back into the slider tube then tighten the screw/knob to hold in place.

this can be a PITA but it’s do-able. take me 5 min. sometimes I remove the seat, replace the cable clamp and slide the tube out the backside. sometimes I di it with pliars in the skeg slider slot.

hope thisa helps.


Stainless steel
I am amazed the clip above the skeg box is of a cheap quality. I cleaned my kayak with fresh water after each use. I checked mine and it discinigrated in my fingers.

Is it a way to save money (50 cents)???

good quality Stainless steel works well

hi lyn
thanks, it’s carl’s boat and it’s waaayyy out on long island.

you & the gang should come on out and paddle some time.