Tempest thigh & seat adjustments?

I bought a used poly T170 and basically just hopped in and started paddling. I’ve played with the footpeg locations a bit(mainly brought them rearward).

Any one have a basic adjustment routine for dummies? For example - should I adjust footpeg first and then move thigh braces? Where on my thighs should the braces make contact? If I want more contact should I move the thigh braces fwd or aft?

Once those are settled, should I raise the front of the seat till it contacts my legs?

Customizing your kayak
The following link may be useful:

"…with the legs straight, and the feet perpendicular to the legs, you can feel solid contact with the foot rests. When the knees are lifted into position beneath the deck there will still be solid contact with the foot rests with the feet inclining naturally forward. "


By Ken Rasmussen


thigh brace placement is personal
It is based on your body (thigh) shape, your definition of comfort, where you like the contact, and your paddling style. Play around with a bunch of different positions and see which one works best for you.

Thigh contact
You need to be able to control the boat by putting it on either edge, and the combination of your body position (butt, feet and thigh) should be what best accomplishes that and is still comfortable. I find that as the thigh braces get close to my knees it can put a strain there so prefer them a bit further back, but as above it’s personal.

Whatever setting you make now, it’s likely to change as you learn to use the boat more aggressively.

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The ‘leg lifter’ adjustment is meant to change up your sitting position and posture on the fly. If you want to tsake some pressure off your butt bring up the lifter and it rocks back your pelvis a little. you may then want/need to re-adjust your footpegs, an EZ proposition.

change it up and see what fits.