Tempest vs Prijon seayak

I’m looking at both boats - tried the Tempest and liked it, never had a chance to try the Seayak- any thoughts. Thanks

Also might be interested in the QCC700

All Very Different Boats
Very different. If memory serves, the Prijon boat maxes out at 400 pounds or so. The initial stability in a QCC boat is very different from the Tempest.

Don’t buy one of these boats without trying it. (even though a lot of folks do.)

They are very different
I owned a seayak for several years and paddled a tempest quite a bit. I would go for the Tempest hands down. Unless… I has planning on abusing the kayak and treating it very rough. Prijon makes very tough kayaks.

Tempest / QCC700XL
I own both the Tempest 17 and the QCC700XL. Both great kayaks!!! For rough conditions I use the Tempest and laugh at mother nature. With the QCC700 I paddle on fair weather days until I master the skills for this hull design. Pick the boat that suits the conditions you will paddle under.

View the construction: Tempest v Seayak
Very clear that the German-made Seayak has better and more refined overall construction.