Tempest vs. Zephyr

I know it has been discussed in the past, but now that the Zephyr has been out on the market for a bit, perhpas there will be new opinions. Plus, its getting more difficult to get out on the water with the lack of daylight, so we might as well talk about kayaking since we can’t do as much of it. Anyone who has been in both boats, pros and cons of each? I know nothing substitutes for paddle time, but its fun to discuss in the interm.

I just got off the phone with Wilderness about the Zephyr 155 Lt (pictured in the Canoe and Kayak Buyer’s Guide). I’ve been drooling over it since reading about it. The Z155Lt. will be carbon fiber over kevlar and will cost $5,000. They are not included chrome finished hardware in production versions like the one pictured in the magazine.

From general looks and reading it has more rocker ,a larger cockpit, and is an inch wider than the Tempest. I’m looking to get a touring/playboat and the Zephyr looks #1 on my list.

We Can Talk
I own a Tempest 165 and demoed the shorter Zephyr. Unfortunately the demo was on slick calm water. The Zephyr was designed for wind and waves. My impressions:

The Zephyr had more secondary stability. It really liked to sit up on edge.

The Zephyr turned more easily than the Tempest.

The two rolled about the same. I could feel just a little of that secondary ‘up-and-over’ rolling the Zephyr. No big deal.

I didn’t take the GPS to the demo but I could feel less glide in the Zephyr than in my 165. That would make sense being a little shorter and wider.

I’d really like to rent the Z and take it to the coast on a windy day.

tempest and zephyr
i have both the tempest 170 and 165 in roto. i wanted to get the Z155 but the dealer only had the 160.im 173

or something so it was abit too much…

however i really enjoy both tempests…they are very different…at least with small me and no gear… the 170 almost flies…i hope the get a zephyr in the speing time i doubt the 155 is available here in norway…anyway pretty damn cold here now…water almost freezing and gusts of cold air in thde gale range…unfortunately i live by a lake not the ocean…anyway.nice to discuss kayak design…in what way would you say the tempests differ from lets say the archtypical romany?