Tempest: what's an acceptable price...

What is an acceptable price range for the following used boat:

2005 or 2006 WS Tempest 170 Pro, Kevlar/Fiberglas hybrid layup.

Condition 8 of 10.

I assume this is one of the more desirable versions of the Tempest but I’m not sure and haven’t found another one for sale to compare.

What’s acceptable to you?
When I’m wondering about prices, I scan the classifieds for similar craft of similar age and condition. You’ll have to factor in what repairs or changes will be needed, and how much they’ll cost you in time, head scratching, and money.

I have…
As mentioned, I haven’t been able to find a similar model for sale. It’s a popular kayak so I’m hoping to hear from a few folks with first hand experience or sales knowledge regarding this boat. Maybe there weren’t many Kevlar/Fiberglass Tempest 170 Pros sold. I don’t know.

Found one…
I came across a new CL listing in the Bay area for a 2 year old Kevlar Tempest 170 for $1,900. Supposedly in very good condition. With what little I know, I guess ~1,800 would be reasonable, for a 2005 or 2006 which doesn’t need any work.

that’s a reasonable price

New, 7 years ago, street price on a Kevlar T170 would have been about $3200, maybe a little less, so $1700-1900 now is in the ballpark if the boat is in sound physical condition (no major dings, no cracks or deep abrasions).