Temporary fix for gasket leak

My dry top had appeared to have a leak on the seem of the wrist gasket.

Being this is the tail end of having any liquid water on the soon to be frozen northeast, I’d like to find a way to temporary stop the leak for the next couple of weekends till I can replace the worn gasket.

Whatever temporary repair must not interfere with the eventual proper repair. So duct tape is unacceptable!


leak is between gasket and sleeve?

– Last Updated: Oct-25-16 2:02 AM EST –

Sounds like you are saying that the leak is between the gasket and the dry top sleeve? The normal way these are attached is with Aquaseal. If the gasket is otherwise fine, perhaps you could use Aquaseal to seal the leak right now as a permanent fix, rather than replace the gasket.

It is also normal to replace a gasket by Aquasealing a new one right on top of the trimmed off old one. So gluing the new one to the old latex gasket, not to the jacket material. In your case, replacing it this way likely wouldn't solve your leak. There is a more involved way of removing old gaskets with heat.

There are videos online about ho to replace gaskets. Might be worth watch to see how things are done, and see if you could figure out what makes sense for you. NRS and Kokatat also have info sheets online, I think.

Yes, and Thanks
Yes, the leak seems to be coming from between the gasket and the sleeve.

So Aquaseal it is then. Thanks.

(the gasket itself is looking a little tired too, hence the thought of replacing)