Temporary minicell adhesive?

Does anyone have any ideas about creating a temporary bond, minicell-to-minicell foam? I’ve finally gotten around to building up the thigh brces on my Legend. It is a 2003 Seaward build, so it has the older, looser fitting braces. They feel good on the lawn, but it would be nice to put them in temporarily until I’ve gotten some on-water time.




Double faced tape…

Duct tape

Velcro tape
I found out the hard way that Velcro tape is only for temporary use, when it comes to a wet environment.

I used it to test-fit position of a minicell foam seat I carved for my wood boat. All was fine till after I did a few rolls, when suddenly I mysteriously failed one. Something felt weird. Then I noticed the seat floating gaily nearby.

Since by that time I knew how far forward I wanted the seat, I glued it in with Barge cement.

Double stick tape works okay
I used this when trying to figure out where to place my thigh braces. I did knock them out of place a few times with my leg. But it worked well enough that I could try several positions before committing.

double sided tape works well — but
… watch how far you drive with it in. You can lose your “experiment” in transport.

3M Dual Lock tape
Very High Bond, many times stronger and totally waterproof, much better than Velcro for a wet environment. Search on ebay and you’ll find a dozen sources, or google it.

I agree about the velcro. We raced a tandem canoe yesterday with pedastals and knee cups velcroed in place. The bow knee cups came loose after about an hour. On the way home both pedastals fell out when I bumped across a railroad track, fortunately I saw them in the rear view mirror and recovered them. I went ahead and pulled the stern knee cups out after that.

A few dabs of Dap Weldwood.

Thanks for all the ideas

carpet tape
Outdoor grade double-sided carpet tape worked great for me. You can find it in HD and such stores.