Temporary seat bonding

I have a QCC 700 that I requested be shipped with the seat pan un-bonded to avoid dealing with their adhesive (Plexus). Ultimately, I want to install Patrick’s ONNO seat, but I’ll have to wait a few months until I have the money. Until then, I still want to paddle the boat, so I’m looking for a way to attach the seat that won’t be too difficult to remove in the future.

I’ve tried attaching strips of 3M adhesive velcro to the hull, but the adhesive came loose after getting wet. What about hot glue? Does anyone have experience with this, or have any other adhesive suggestions?



Contact Cement?
With possibly a thin layer (2-3mm) of minicell foam under the seat. Contact cement is strong enough to hold it in place and I think can be relatively easily removed later. But I have not used that on fiberglass/carbon/kevlar (whatever you got) so not sure how easy it comes off these materials…

There are velcro strips for “rough surface” - did you try them? Seem to hold a little better than the regular stuff on my carbon-kevlar bottom but will come off sooner rather than later by the looks of it after one paddle only…

do without
The seat pan is really quite unnecessary. Sit on a piece of mini-cell foam or a therma-rest mattress pad.

just an idea …
… how about an inexpensive suction cup bathtub mat cut to your liking , then use adhesive or other to the mat instead of the hull for temporary ??

Is there such a thing as a self stick pad that has more surfacae area than just strips ??

I don’t kayak so I’m not exactly sure what you are trying to achieve .

Contact Cement
I use Velcro put on with contact cement for foam seats in my kayaks. 3" pieces allow adjustment of the seat position fore and aft. I think it could be removed pretty easily - I’ve had it come partially loose a couple of times when removing the foam seat, and just glued it back down.


good QCC mod
smooth out the rough glass inside by coating it with urethane. It’s way easier to clean that way, and your velcro will stick too.

I sawed out my QCC seat and my new homemade one attaches with velcro.

Thanks Transam … Call me if you want.
I have a couple suggestions for the QCC temp seat.

Both for temp install and a great method to find the ‘sweet spot’ for speed and handling for your weight and intended load.

Pat, please share the "tip"
for “a great method to find the ‘sweet spot’ for speed and handling for your weight and intended load”

I’m trying to get the fore-aft trim right in my kayak. I’ve read some generic guidance but it is really hard to get something definitive in practice. Even with a GPS and hear rate monitor the changes are subtle enough for me to figure out if they are due to seat position or something else.

So what’s the easy way to get the “sweet spot”? -:wink:

You don’ wanna ask Pat about his
"sweet spot."

“Bummer” -:wink: