Temporary shock cord tie downs ?

Has any one ever used suction cups on a kayak deck to make temporary bungee cord tiedowns,

Or is there any thing else on the market that is removable and won’t mar the deck surface?

Unfortunately the kayak does not have perimeter tie down lines, or I could use those to tie the cross bungees to.

Also does anyone know a place where you could get any?


YOur boat or a rental?

If it’s yours, why not modify it and add deck rigging?


Now how did I know that was going to
be the first question?

I should have explained.

I have the boat, and it is supposed to be mine, but it has flaws, and the builder is going to replace it with a new one and asked me not to make any modifications or drill any holes in it

We have had the boat for a few months while we wait for the new one, and have been using duct tape to tape our GPS units down, and putting other stuff that we normally keep on the deck behind the seat.

We are heading out of state shortly for three months and although I have been promised the boat prior to our departure, I want to be prepaired just in case !!!



Rubber cement?
Glue on some vinyl loops using rubber cement instead of contact cement?

Might be strong enough. Might be waterproof.

Should be easy to clean up afterwards.

Never tried it, just a thought.

I wouldn’t trust suction cups.

Good thought!
I have a bunch of real neat, (low profile) tiedowns that I got from Huki, just waiting to be glued down to the deck when the boat becomes ours, and I can experiment witth one of them.


How about 3M Command hooks?
Kind of a wild thought, but these might work, and the adhesive strip can be removed later easily:


Not sure if they hold up in water, so you might want to test that.

Your loop isn’t taking you through Minnesota, is it?

I just sent them an e-mail to ask them about it.

No, not Minn. Although we would love to go back to the Boundary Waters in the near future.

We will be heading to the Fflorida Keys



You wouldn’t vacation in Minnesota in the winter???

I checked a bit further on 3M’s site and they talk about outdoor use in extreme cold and extreme heat, and it sounds like if the surface is at least 50 degrees when applied cold isn’t an issue, and the adhesive only softens up to the point of failure at temps above 105. They also have bathroom applications like soap dishes, so it looks like it just might work.

Christmas hooks
Look for some of the hooks to hang Christmas Reefs. My wife uses them. They stick on vinyl windows and are easy to remove by pulling a tag that hangs out releasing the sticky strip.

Just got a reply from them
and they don’t recommend using them for my application.



Mounting tape
I used 3M outdoor mounting tape to stick a minicell foam seat to the frame of a SOF. It’s held up for 4 months so far, which is more than I thought it would. It’s double-stick foam tape about 3/4" wide, maybe 1/8" thick, for things like sticking address numbers to the side of your house or whatever. I bought it at Home Depot - be sure to get the outdoor version. I bet it would work to stick a GPS baseplate to the deck. You could remove it afterwards with rubbing alcohol or lighter fluid as a solvent, hopefully without damaging the finish.