Tender kayak... Good for Love Handles?

Hey, it’s not for me, but for my girlfriend, whom I really want to introduce to real kayaking… :wink:

My new Venture Orca just so works my love handles, or so it seems to me since the biking may have taken care of them some time before.

So what’s your experience on your physiques?

An inch off my waist each spring
Just from getting in the boat for some real paddling again each year. That should help.

She “inherited” my old kayak, which is very stable, so I’m sure I can sell now more tender kayaks to her. :wink:

The same muscles
that give you a good hip snap for rolling give you a good hip roll for latin dancing. Works both ways!

I see, dancing salsa beat
while kayaking makes sense. :wink:

But let me reverse the question: Any serious kayaker with love handles?

For a good hip movement
the kayak must be not only narrow but have a shallow V.

A friend of mine who paddles a boat with similar width doesn’t sway, but the v bottom makes you sway from side to side, or so I read about hull design.

I wiggle even when standing still. And why have such a design besides getting rid of the love handles? :wink:

I have some
you can have the strongest ab muscles in the world and still have love handles. For the most part exercising the abs doesn’t specifically remove fat from that area. If you burn more than you eat you lose fat and where you lose it has more to do with how your body prefers to store fat (affected by genes and factors like stress). So its possible to have the fat covering up your wonderful muscles.

Most good kayakers are likely fairly fit, but kayaking does seem to permit too much weight better than some other sports where you more directly carry your weight.