Tennis elbow from paddling

I’m dealing with some tennis elbow right now. Paddling probably set it off, but with a band near the joint at least it is not progressing any worse, here’s a link to an old thread I read, I ordered the workbook on trigger point therapy for just a few dollars off ebay, any other suggestions- I’m still paddling a few days a week Tennis Elbow?

The band and ibuprofen keep me going when it flares up. I’ve never been able to relate it to paddling. Mine is usually brought on by activities that cause my lower arm to twist.
The worst occurred after I put a bunch of furniture together with a manual screwdriver.

Are you feathering your paddle? The last season that I used an Euro blade I got severe radial tunnel syndrome in the arm that wrist “cocks” on when I feathered. I did about 10 billion strokes that summer. RTS is painful repetitive motion injury that affects a nerves tunnel from neck vertebra different than tennis elbow and if you have it don’t use the band. Makes it worse. Rest and get a greenland paddle.