tent poles

Help? I have a very old Spalding nylon tent which I love. I really enjoy the vestibule which is part of the fly. The problem is the fiberglass break-down poles have begun to deteriorate over the years. Duct tape did Ok for awhile. These tents are no longer available so I am looking for replacement poles. I need a 7’ and a 12’ for starters. Any suggestions? I tried MEC (yep, I am Canadian)but they don’t carry poles except for their own tents.


go back to the box store,
which is MEC and you will have to make your own poles from the pole stock, shock cord, end tips, etc, that they sell. it’s a pain in the butt, but very doable and your only option. i’ve encountered this scenario enough times as long ago staff there to know this. if your tent grommets are not compatible with modern end tips, you are most likely out of luck. new tent time?

you can get spares or refit old tents…or even make carbon poles for any tent out there…depends on how much you want to spend…


Wal-Mart and a Hacksaw…
You can buy replacement fibreglass poles at walmart, buy enough packages to equal the length you need, cut one pole if needed. follow the directions putting them together…

Not the end of the world
I had a tent from 1982 whose fiberglass poles no longer trusted. REI sent the old poles to a contractor that specializes in making replacement poles (fiberglass or metal). You need to specify individual pole lengths, possibly diameter, end pieces, etc. It’s doable!