Tent recommendations

I’m looking for a two-person tent to pack in my Necky Zoar Sport for some solo camping. I was wondering if anyone can recommend any? Camping will be in the 30-100F range. Thanks for your help!

I just bought
a Coleman Avior X2. I did not want to spend too much but wanted decent quality. It has very good reviews for staying dry in heavy downpours and handling wind well, two things I was concerned about.

I have set it up and was pleased with the quality. I’m sure you could find lighter, smaller and more expensive, but this looks like it will work for me. I think it will make a good solo tent, since it is pretty small and packs up small, too.

The only drawback that I notice is the inability to look out, except through a very small screen “window” in part of the door, but, if the vestibule is closed you have no way of looking outside. On the plus side, the fly and tent body are attached so that the fly is protecting the inner tent when it is being set up. That will keep everything dry inside if it is raining when you set up.


We Use A MEC Tarn3
…and are quite happy with it. The Tarn2 is a tad smaller if space aboard is at a premium, but we like the extra living area in the 3…

Worth checking the Online Gear Swap section on the MEC website - that’s where we got our Tarn used but in great shape, for $100…


Hubba Hubba
Tried and true.

Hubba Hubba maybe not
Where are you camping? Offshore exposed islands with lots of wind…?

The Hubba Hubba has some guyouts on the sides, which are mandatory for long rains. The nylon stretches and can plaster against the mesh. Its an insufficient amount of tieouts for high winds.

Its a good warm weather tent. However it was cold last week in the snow and rain (constant) for a week. Temps around 0 to 5 celsius.

Staking out the corners is mandatory. If you cannot use the stakes in the kit, use extra rope to anchor the tent to rocks. If left freestanding it has a tendency to not keep its shape. Especially if you have to pitch in the bush where there are no level spots.

I like my Eureka Spitfire 2
If you’re looking for a smaller-packing lighter-weight tent, then the Eureka Spitfire 2 is a fantastic backpacking tent - especially for the cost. I like mine very much.

One thing to note though is that it is not truely freestanding - its really a hoop tent in which the front and back need to be pulled out. You can easily do this using rocks or logs if needed though.

Yup, Tarn 3
A little too small for three, it’s perfect for two people who like a little elbow room. Have backedpacked it up the West Coast Trail several times, in addition to numerous other weekend trips and it’s held up very well. When camping solo I love having all the room for gear, and at about 3 1/2 kg it’s not too bad for lugging around.

Hubba Hubba, too
Granted we’ve yet to experience in monsoons (sp?) or such, but we’ve been rained on more than I care to remember. Some of them windy rains. Remember there being times I wish we were back at home, or in a hotel room, but don’t ever remember wishing I was in a different tent.

Pitches and packs fast, can easily be thrown up in the dark and weighs next to nothing. You could do much worse.

REI Camp Dome is my choice
Can set it up in 4 minutes blindfolded (and was timed).

No frills… just a simple tent that does the job. Had it in violent storms and down to 23 degrees.

Paddlin’ on


Black Diamond Mesa

when forced to the ground…
like two weeks ago in the Grayson Highlands we used a TarpTent Double Rainbow:


right at 2 pounds

freestanding if you want

two vestibules

two entrances

one pole

quick setup



I lived out of this tent for a week in Kings Canyon (no trees above 10,000 feet so couldnt use the hammock).

I’ve also subbed out the OEM pole with a carbon fiber pole and save 2 more ounces.

Tarp Tent questionable quality
I had to repair and modify a Tarp Tent for a friend of mine. I believe that a non hemmed fabric edge for tent is a rather shotty job.

The design is too light with no reinforcements for critical stress areas to make the Tarp Tents a durable product. They might be light but rather average quality.

If weight is an issue then for a serious tent you should look at the Hilleberg offerings. Now we are talking!.. http://www.flickr.com/photos/gnarlydog/2469101129/

Second best for a budget conscious paddler are the REI Half Dome tents, in not extreme conditions. http://www.flickr.com/photos/gnarlydog/1406012746/


agree with Hilleberg, have an Akto
and consider it bombproof…the Kerlon is seriously tough stuff and with some mods (like subbing out for carbon in the pole) its not too heavy for a 4 season tent…and I’ve personally lived out serious wind in one and was impressed at its stability. The only downside with Hilleberg is as alluded to, price.

As far as durability of the TarpTents, I do know 3 people who have thru-hiked the PCT with them and no problems…small sampling population I realize.

rock 22
I have used my rock 22 by north face for 2 years in a few good rains. Very easy to pitch and usually on sale at campmor for around 125usd.

Thanks for all of the suggestions! You’ve given me some excellent options to research.

C’mon Swedge, help me out here…

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USMC Combat Tent... 2 person + gear (inside), water resistant (without the fly), light weight, can be set up EASILY by one, ROOMY!!!

The fly is reersable for color choice. You can have a lantern or light inside the tent & NOT give everyone at your camp a "shadow puppet show". The fly can be st up without the tent.

Oh, Hell. I'll just post a link or two...



I have one & may get afew more for the kids! The run afew hundred, but look around, you could find a deal or two... ;)

Or if "ultra-lite" is what you want, get a sil-nylon tarp & some para-cord.
Paddle easy,


Don’t forget about looking at eBay and craig’s list for a good price on quality tents!

Excellent choices here
at Sierra Trading Post. Use their 20% off coupon for some good deals. I like the Marmont brand.


we have a eureka mountain pass and super luck with it. we did the mississippi river and set it up for 64 days straightwith no mishap or leaks. it held up to super high winds and stright line rains. it packs the smallest out of all the tents we looked at since we need every inch of space we could get.

Try Golite for durable ultralite tents. I have a HEX 3, now called the SHANGRI-LA 3, which weighs 39 oz. It’s a palace for 2 plus gear. I also enjoy my MSR Hubba Hubba. Both have been on weeklong trips to the northside of Algonquin.