What kind of tent do you own for packing down the river.

REI Half Dome,2 person,(which means 1) lightweight,cheap. Sure there are others better, but works for me.

Eureka timberlite
2 man tent but perfect for one. it is more or less free standing so I could set it up under a tarp then carry it away to where I wanted it.I have over 60 nights in the timberlite and have no complaints at all.

My Boys had a Great Basin bicycle tent. good little tent eccept that it had fiberglass poles…

Bivy Tent
Got one from Sportsman Guide. Sleeps two, shock-cord frame, waterproof, rolls up to a 3 feet by 4 inche bundle.

Unidentified LL Bean 2-man dome.
Just replaced a shock cord on one of the poles. Have resealed it once in about 20 years. It’s light blue, mostly. Not the smallest or most lightweight, but it’s like an old friend.


I have a REI Taj 3 for the bwca. We also own a Eureka 4 man tent. The Taj is lightweight for backpacking and for car camping or river tripping where there are no portages the 4 man Eureka tent is good for just 2 people.

A few dat ah’ use over de decades
Winter wit snow - it’s an 30 year old North Face VE-24 (so old it still has de snow tunnels), an’ just bought a Eureka K2 last year as a future replacement (great sale at CampMor).

As a lighter 4 season tent fer portaging it’s a Jack Wolfskin Rock & Roll II.

If ah’ want ta go traditional an’ heavy (30 lbs) ah’ use me canvas Campfire two person tent (Baker tent).


Home made silnylon poncho-shelter…
The whole thing with bug net weights about 10 oz. and is very easy to make. Most versitile tarp/tent I’ve ever owned. Made from silnylon.


If you’ll have trees, a Hennessy Hammock is really comfy.

Mountain Hardware

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I have a mountain Hardware Skyview 3 (which means very comfortable for 2) which I have had for nearly 10 years. It has seen heavy use and still looks brand new.
I have many tents, but this one I love. It is a convertable design (3-4 season) which means it has zip out panels that would make it even lighter, though I neaver leave them home. It is also not as tall as many other tents to give it snow and wind shedding ability.
The fly has a nicely sized vestibule.
I have been on the Wisconsin river on a night where the official rainfall was over 5 inches, and it remained totally dry (I did meticulously seam seal it with Seamgrip).
I have also had 8" of wet snow piled on it several times with no problems.

I have a smaller MH tent of about the same age that is a bit better ventelated that I use for solo missions in very hot weather, but the Skyview 3 is by far my favorite tent.

Sierra Designs Omega 3-4 season
"convertible." Inner nylon panels zip over the screen panels, making tent much warmer in semi-winter conditions.


I got a Mountain Hardware Trango 3 last year, and it was terrific. We were in some pretty nasty weather, and couldn’t have had a better tent. This winter we got a Hennessey Hammock, can’t wait to try it out. It is -45 this week, so that will have to wait for warmer climes.


LL Bean #2 dome

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If it's just my wife and me, it's an LL Bean 2 person dome.

We also used it for backpacking for a long time, but retired it for that purpose when we bought a lighter backpacking tent (Sierra Designs Sirius).

The Bean dome is an inexpensive ($129), roomy, well made tent that sheds rain like a duck and is very durable. It will fit 3 people in a pinch, though you'd better be very good friends.

I have one that is 25 years old and still going strong. Gave it to a friend and he still uses it. My current Bean dome is 10 years old and basically like new.

It packs up pretty small and weighs 8 lbs, so it's not too much for a paddle trip.

If we need a larger tent, I have a 6 person Walrus. I forget the model, but it's only 15 lbs which is pretty light for a 6 person tent.

REI Camp Dome
…didn’t like the zipper configuration or the design of the Half Dome.

Clip Flashlight… great little tent

am I the only one who will admit to using a Coleman tent? I bought a 5x7 and a 10x12 and spent $110 for the two of them at the local sporting goods store.

Last summer we camped at the Indiana Dunes Seashore park and I could have sworn we were going to get gobbled up and thrown into Lake Michgan one night. Winds over 50mph, driving rain, thunder and lightening that was almost scary, hell it was scary, and thankfully the tents came thru. Many in the park the next morning were drenched and placing there belongings on their picnic tables and cars to dry out.

Anyway, I have used my small Coleman for a few campouts and have found it to be a great value for the money. I still miss my old 8x8 dome tent that I had for 15+ years. I didn’t want to spend too much and trusted the Coleman name.

Good luck.

Hennessy Hammock
and a 10 X 12 Sil Nylon Tarp for cooking and hanging out if it rains…

Coleman Avior X2
It just came in the mail and packs fairly small. It looks well made and I will use it for one, or two in an emergency. If you don’t need extra room inside, the Avior X1 might be a good one-man tent. Outdoor outlet.com has the AviorX1 and Avior X2 on sale for almost half price. My favorite “tent” is my Hennessy Hammock which packs up small and is ultra-comfy. I also have a Sierra Designs Tengu which has a huge vestibule and I love it. It does not pack up as small as the Avior and may be too big for your boat. If I need a bigger tent, I will carry the Tengu on my deck. Both the Avior and Tengu can be set up with the fly and tent attached, keeping the inner tent dry while setting up in rain, or can be set up as fly and ground cloth only, when you don’t need the mesh bug protection of the inner tent.

For 2 people…
30 yr. old Timberline

For solo, 2 lb. Big Agnes Seedhouse 1 ultralight

JH Bahn

Been doing this for a long time and use a Timberlite 4 person (since 1976, got my first). On my third. Works for me. Oh, they an A frame, but I just feel comfortable with an old friend. Benn through a ot with them. Even canoe triped in the Bw with two kids a few time with one. Even have a two person for backpacking.