i am looking for a tent that is tall enough to stand in [ 6’ ] i would like it to be of good quality and big enough for 2 people, not to worried about wieght i wiil be transporting by car and canoe. thanks in advance. bob

6’ tall 2 person tent?

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I just finished picking up a tent myself to replace an old Spalding 4 man that got totalled last season. We have a little back packing tent, but it's nice to have something big when you don't have to carry it. I think you're probably looking at a 6 person tent to get one that high, I could be wrong but I didn't see anything in a smaller size with that kind of height. I saw a nice REI Base Camp and a North Face Foundation Six set up that are that tall, they're both 6 person. After shopping around, thinking big: we ended up with a three person REI Quarter Dome T3 that is lighter than our old Sierra Designs backpacking tent. We're trying it out next week, 7 days of paddling! We weren't looking for an ultralight, but we liked the size and the layout, (2 doors, sweet! No more crawling on top of each other to get in and out.) That tent is a lot shorter than what you're looking for though. I liked the look of the REI Base Camp though, it might be worth checking out.

I just bought one and asked myself
the same questions. I’m 6’1" and wanted something for car camping big enough for two people, three dogs, and as tall as possible. I decided on the REI base camp four http://www.rei.com/product/693148. I almost got the same tent but for six people, but decided that would be over the top since the tent would need a much bigger flat area for setting up the tent. REI runs sales all the time on their tents so if you wait you should be able to get one on sale. I’m a member of REI and have their credit card so I can save money over the year on their gear.

Another option . . .
We have an REI membership too, used my dividend up on gear last month. I gave the Base Camp a long look, it’s a real nice tent. I went with another option, the smaller tent along with a screen house with a fly. http://www.rei.com/product/681226

(I went a little crazy, I was trying to do my patriotic duty and stimulate the economy.) I don’t know if having two shelters would be a viable option if you had to carry them in a canoe, I would definitely not carry this much gear in my yak. This wouldn’t be a great option if you were moving camp a lot either, bit of a pain to set everyting up every day. If you’re staying in one place for awhile, and you’re not carrying the gear it seems like a good plan. We have the shorter tent that is pretty much just for sleeping, and the larger shelter for everything else. I can fit everything into one large duffle bag, so you could probably carry both in a canoe.

10 X 10 6’5 center height…

Eureka !
I recently bought the Eureka Tetragon 9 as in 9’x9’. Kind of a big footprint but actually not a whole lot bigger than my old 4 man “A” frame. About 12 lbs and has a 6" ceiling. It is called a 4-5 man tent and costs around $130. Sealed it and left it up in a pretty heavy storm in the yard and not a drop of water inside. Will use it on a week long canoe/camp towards the end of the month.


  1. choose a store
    2) find what tents they have
  2. find out which ones are 6’
  3. go from there