Termite swarm!

At first I thought they were mayfly type insects, but I caught one and looked him up.
Another clue was they were coming from a cedar log I’ve been saving.
I had never seen them swarm.

Give them the pyro treatment quickly!

I saw it for the first time one morning on an October day near the Wekiva River Florida in an oak/pine/saw-palmetto wood. They seemed to rise from the ground emerging in and out of shafts of early morning sunlight. It looked kind of like a cloud of smoke as they flew in a swam up and through and in and out of the light in the woods. It was a magic moment in nature i haven’t forgotten. They do sort of look like small mayflies.

I’m not as familiar with termites as I am with ants, bees, and wasps. I think with termites the male and female termite start a colony together. With ants, bees and kin the queens mate with one our more drones. Queens start a colony by themselves, and the drones die.

Terms Mighty Chewed Upon

trumped a lying norm,
knot not now so nosey,
feeding fibs to swarm,

Captain Teach bugged out,
on his last leg,
couldn’t quite jump the shark,
taken down a peg.

A while back I saw a swarm coming out of my garage. You’ll often find dead ones at the swarm site, natural death.

That is not where you want to see them.

This should do the trick…


Also would be handy to have with you at the Waffle House.

The Waffle House
hasn’t even a louse,
all has been served up as tinder,

the creme brulee
cook-shotted ash gray,
in kitchen remains the luau cinder.

Great! convenient financing terms for that extra, long-life flame thrower every man and woman needs. For when rational discussion with the neighbor won’t stop them from putting trash cans out on YOUR curtilage.

What next? the RONCO Pocket-RPG? (“Who needs an EZ-Pass?”)