Terramar Therma Wool?

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I'm wanting to try wool at an efficient price. If the stuff is junk of course then I don't want it.

Use would be under a Goretex dry suit.

Anyone try the Terramar Thermawool (Merino wool)?
If so, how do you like it? How thick is this stuff compared to a typical light base layer? It's listed as medium. How does the quality of the wool compare to the more expensive Ibex, etc., for comfort and durability?

Right now I use Duofold Varitherm lightweight polypro pants and shirt. Always the one layer on the pants as that's all I need. On the shirt in 48F water and 40+ F air, I use the one layer Varitherm shirt, too. In air temps approaching or below 40F I add a second varitherm shirt, or I also have a Duofold Insulayer shirt (100% Polyester outerlayer. 55%Polyester, 45% Merino Wool) that is more closed knit than the Varitherm polypro and I think warmer in a breeze when sweated up and now paddling light. I wear it alone or added to a Varitherm.

I'm looking to buy one more shirt and one more pants that can fit a couple uses.

1. Use as another single layer for multi-day trips so I can wash the alternate pair and let dry, or toss aside to wash later at home.

2. Add as a second layer with the Varitherm, either with the polypro as the base layer or the wool as the base layer, whichever works best.

Thanks for any thoughts,
Oh, and Merry Christmas :),


Wool is good!
It is the standard all others are judged by.

I use wool or Polypro from HH; and some other things but layering is the trick.

A nice light fast dry silky shirt covered by the appropriate amount of wool or Polly pro under a dry suit will serve you well.

I paddle in waters often under 0 C 32 F (salt)

I will be paddling Jan 1 and air temps have been -10 C water temps well under 0 C ( a skim of ice has formed on the salt water. I have rolled and swam in that.

Wool is fine.

Helly Polypro stuff is good to and inexpensive.

British or Canadian Army wool sweaters are just fine and cheap.

Merino wool is a little oversold. It is good but so is the other wool from normal sheep.


Price does not reflect durability

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There are other aspects of quality, but if you are asking about durability the high-dollar Ibex is not necessary better. I think Backpacker Magazine had a review of wool underlayers, and IIRC they liked the Ibex but found it did not last long simply because it was very thin. I handled one in REI and it was indeed very thin, similar to Capilene 1's thickness.

The only Terramar shirts I've bought were synthetics, not wool. They seem to be well-made (and are lasting a long time).

Wool that has some nylon added lasts longer, in my experience.

SmartWool may have expanded their line-up to include shirts and longjohns--worth checking out. Though expensive, they're not more costly than Ibex.

To my friends here
I’ve found a very resonable place to buy wool underwear.

It is Hanks Clothing. Search it. Very good quality and very fair prices.

I bought their merino wool underwear on sale for $20 apiece from Campmor. Out of four zip neck mock tee’s I got one that the zipper worked. The mock tee fit a size smaller than the crew. Both the crew and bottoms developed holes after only a few wearings. The fabric is not very heavy or durable. When I hold it up to the light it does not appear to have a very high wool content. It is comfortable. The next time I buy I will try another brand even if it’s triple the price. Made in China.