Test Paddle - Rapidfire

Are there any Rapidfire owners within a couple of hours of Fayetteville, NC that would be willing for me to test paddle their Rapidfire?

I’ve read all the reviews, looked over their website, and I’m really interested, but no way a trip to New York is going to happen, so I’m hoping someone can help me out.

Hi dave …have you looked at any YouTube videos too ?..I have never paddled one but i hear they are nice canoe’s… I believe they have placed 1st in their class and even 1st place overall in the annual Adirondack canoe race for the last couple of yrs at least.

Picking up my Rapidfire in two weeks
Heading up to Lake Placid in two weeks to pick up mine. I’ve paddled Coldfeets (David’s) and they are great boats. He and I will do some local paddling in the ADK’s while up there.

I’d suggest you contact Joe directly at Placid Boat Works and talk to him. Joe is a great guy to work with and I’m sure he’ll be helpful if you speak to him.


great boat, no matter what color it is!
Actually waterspyder paddled his Rapidfire which I own!

Nice try coldfeet
David how many times do I have to tell you “Yours is the red one and mine is the blue one” And no I don’t care that the red one matches my Jeep and the blue one goes better with your silver car.

Rapid Fire 90-Miler class

– Last Updated: Mar-31-12 10:41 AM EST –

First in their class, yes, easily the case on the 90-Miler, but never first overall if you include pro boat and voyageur classes. First in class especially when Joe, Stefan, Rick, and Andy (all Placid Boat employees) enter. I'm usually right in there too, but not quite up to those guys as they paddle in a single efficient string unless I can hold on to their wake. My only hope is if one or more of them does not enter. The class, "solo recreational", was effectively created for this and similar canoes, as the basic RF with low floor mounted seat is designed to use a double blade paddle, which is required in this class. The number of boats in this class, especially Placid Boats, has expanded every year for at least the past 5 years.

But when not racing I very much prefer to use a single blade paddle with the RF. It is certainly a canoe after all, and performs beautifully with single blade. I had Joe install an optional high seat that I can use either way, but will always keep it on high elevation as I am very comfortable with the stability and increased maneuverability. The boat is fast and sweet whatever your preferred method.

I bought mine unseen and unpaddled
and never regretted it. It has since moved on to a guy in Georgia who I’m sure also loves it.

Why didn’t you keep it?
What was the reason for your selling it? Everything I read it sounds like a fantastic boat, and you liked it to, but didn’t keep it, why?

I think he paddles a sit on top mostly,