Testing new kayaks @ Tim's Ford Lake in Tennessee

We are going out to Tim’s Ford Lake - at the dam - to test our new kayaks! Can’t wait, mine is a Dagger Axis 12 Sit-In and my wife’s is a Wilderness Systems Tarpon 120 Sit-On, with new paddles! We have made the 2 Island run just last Saturday on our previous kayaks - so we thought we would do the same run to test out the new ones. It is about a 3 mile run on open flat water, that can become pretty choppy depending on the boat traffic in the area. I will update this topic after our run.

I used to live on Tim’s Ford Lake and spent many hours paddling it in an open solo canoe, often with one of my young daughters aboard, over a period of several years.

My home was on the east end of the lake, at Pelican Point off Dripping Springs Road near Winchester. I used to regularly paddle from my house to the Lakeview Marina and back, a round trip distance of a little over 13 miles over the water. Occasionally, I would go a bit farther west, to the dam and back.

I seldom found motorized boat traffic to be a problem except on the rare occasions that some yayhoo in a motor boat or on a wave runner or jet ski decided it would be good sport to buzz me and try to souse my canoe with their wake. That didn’t happen too often, but it did happen. Sometimes I would encounter some nasty winds blowing from the north down Hurricane Creek.

The east end of the lake is a bit more “riverine” and has some nice little coves to poke around in. That had more appeal for me than the more open west end of the lake. You might decide to check out that end of the lake sometime. There is a public boat access at Devil’s Step boat launch off of Fairview Road.

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@anon64780766 awesome, we will check that out this weekend. I will let you know how it is - I saw the Devils Step boat launch on the map last night - Tim’s Ford is huge - lots of different area’s to explore, I appreciate the information from someone that has been there.

We made it to the Devils Step this week - and it was great! Thank you for the information.

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