tether drybag in cockpit?

On a recent 3-day outing, it occurred to me that it would be nice to stuff a drybag between my footpegs and the forward bulkhead. However, for safety reasons, it seemed wise to tether the bag. Anyone have any clever ideas for a quick and easy system of tethering a bag deep in the cockpit?


I don’t tether it
A dry bag fits pretty snug between the footpegs and the bulkhead in my kayak.

Although I use a dry bag, I just keep there things I don’t mind if they get wet.


I sometimes keep a tethered drybag or a tethered dry box (for camera) between my legs. Having never capsized in this situation, I do not know if an entrapment is possible.

This year I installed an under-deck bag, so the drybag went away. Very handy. But one of these days I will have to experiment with the (small) drybox.


Yup, the NorthWater underdeck
bag works good, there are other threads here about it, which is where I first learned of it. Got their side bags too. They aren’t completely waterproof, so important things will need further protection. But they keep stuff collected without any entrapment concerns.

I didn’t have much luck getting the right glue to make their vinyl disks adhere to a fiberglass surface, so removed the disks and epoxied the webbing straps themselves, which seemed to be a good alternative solution, even if it does take longer to accomplish than their method advertises.

With a plastic boat you’d have to drill holes and use screws for mounting, I believe.


have underdeck bag
I should have said that I already have an under-deck bag installed for little things. What I would like is a drybag suitable for, say, 3 days of clothes down there past my feet, and I don’t want to create a safety hazard.

if you’re like most folks there’s a lot of room between the end of the footbraces and your feet.

Re-attach the footbraces with a piece of looped webbing between the footbrace rail and hull,with the screw going through the webbing. NOw you’ve got a loop at either end of the rail,loop bungie from one side to the other with the knot in the middle and 6" of bungie to grab. Push drybag in beyond bungie with it across that space.

I do not tether mine.
Only used when pushing my storage limits, say in excess of 7 days gear. Forced as much air out of the dry bag as possible prior to pushing it in past the pegs. It stayed put during my re-entry and roll attempts. But I only tried a couple and didn’t pound on that aspect much.