Tether for yak

Wondering if anyone uses a tether when getting out of your yak and exploring or fishing a sandbar? I know someone who lost his yak and fortunately for him another yak retrieved the loose yak . FishHawk

Like painters?
I get bad looks from coaches if I show up with a painter on my boat at various trainings - loose lines and all - but when we are in Maine I regularly have a line clipped front to back into the bungies and a second one in the day hatch to secure the boat. 11 ft tides aren’t anything to take chances with.

That pretty much
sums it up in a nutshell.


It is a common practice
down in the Florida Keys to use a tether from your leg to your SOT which has a diver flag attached to it when snorkling.



I’ve seen that
I also have one I can clip on to the toggle.