Tether suggestions for VHF

Does anyone have a suggestion on a reliable way to tether my Standard Horizon HX270s to a ring in my PFD pocket? Theres a threaded hole for a belt clip on the back and it appears that a bit of ingenuity might solve this. I dont want to use a dry bag for it.

Bolt and washer
If you use the bolt from the belt clip and attach a washer to form a “ring”, then you can use a bit of very small shockcord which has a loop on one end to attach to the PFD and the other end can be cinched tightly behind the washer. Or you could use a solder lug instead of a washer assuming one con be found to tie into directly.

I used the washer combo and has worked well for me.

Great radio BTW. Just doesn’t have bells and whistles.

Great help. Im going to use your washer suggestion. Thanks

Not Quite So Flush
If you don’t mind the extra couple of millimeters sticking out you can use the round fitting supplied with the radio as a washer. Then just bolt it down to a loop of cord.

I like that idea
The belt clip on my ICOM VHF has snapped out of it’s socket many times. I’m going to try your approach.