Tethering a VHF radio

-- Last Updated: Oct-19-07 7:34 AM EST --

I just received a Standard Horizon HX270s.

No eyelet for tethering. Just a little knob (optional accessory) on the back to hook into a belt clip.

Ideas for tethering, when not using an Aquapac? So far my best idea is to wrap some plastic coated copper wire around the little knob in the back and make a loop. Then put a line on the shoulder strap of my PFD with a biner to attach to the wire loop on the VHF radio. The VHF will fit neatly into my PFD pocket.

The knob on the back of the VHF isn't very large. Whether I tie wire or nylon line to the little knob, I'm concerned it may stretch and slip off eventually.

Other ideas?


Homemade eyelet
If the little knob you refer to is anything like the little knob on the back of my Cobra VHF radio, it is retained by a very small screw.

It would be a simple matter to fabricate a nickle-sized flat washer with a center hole just large enough to accommodate that screw (look for something called a fender washer at your local hardware store), and to drill another larger hole near the edge of the washer.

Remove the knob and screw from the radio, set the knob aside and replace it with your fabricated washer and the screw, perhaps with a lock washer for added safety. Then, through the larger hole in that washer, attach a tether or leash, maybe with a nice stainless-steel snap for easy disconnection.

That’s a good idea.
Thanks, Delphinus.


isn’t there a lil
bar for a lanyard on the side ? Both of my SH models have a lanyard attachment , an you can use any one from a camera or phone or a piece of small line .

There are also electrical connectors that have a washer with a crimp down flange for the wire part , eliinate drillin a washer for ya .



find some 1/16" Spectra line
to start an attachment loop. Then a thicker line or bungie to that.

Works for me…

I can’t quite see the widgit
you’re using to connect to the VHF. What do you connect the ring to, on the other end of the line?



No lanyard bar on the side.
Thanks for mentioning it though. I did take a second look.


Thanks for all the ideas.
I went with the wire wrapped around the little knob, for now, because I already have some, it seems pretty secure, and want to use the VHF on the water tomorrow.

I will probably put a little metal widgit on later.

Thanks for the suggestions,


The ring…
…just connects to a little D-ring that is inside each pocket of my PFD. It could go to anything.