Texas beginner looking for warmer locations

I’m a beginner who lives in the Dallas area. I’ve taken a beginner paddling course back in June and haven’t been out since. I just received a new kayak and would like to be able to try it out before next April/May but being such a newbie and not yet owning proper winter gear, I don’t think attending the local winter paddling groups is a good idea. So my question is, are there any locations, preferably protected still waters, in south Texas that still have water temps high enough that I’d be safe with minimal weather gear? I’d rather not spend a lot of money on a lot of clothing type gear until I’ve got more experience and know better what I want and need.

A secondary question is - are there resources where you can find out average water temps for any given time?

Honestly in texas you can paddle on the coast or rivers in a $100 wetsuit. Talk to local outfitters and clubs and get out on the water.

I saw where it will be 81F in Galveston today while you are shivering in Dallas. FL is good to go and has some great variety and locations to paddle. Yes try a search of NOAA info, or Google the water temp for where you wish to paddle.

Bird Island Basin on the Padre Island National Seashore in Corpus is a great place. Shallow water on laguna side is protected and warms quickly with just a couple of warmer days. PM me for more info on Corpus.


@terrib972 said:
A secondary question is - are there resources where you can find out average water temps for any given time?

Here is a list of coastal water temperatures for the western gulf coast: https://www.nodc.noaa.gov/dsdt/cwtg/wgof.html

Other US coastal and great lake locations are available on that site using menu on left.

Thanks. I thought maybe down on the coast would be warm enough but wasn’t sure. Before this, I never gave much thought to water temps. :slight_smile: I believe my kayak will be fairly stable and I don’t plan on swimming but again, beginner here, so I sure don’t want to count on that! I look forward to spring when I can get out with the local group to practice and gain some confidence. Thank you everyone for your responses.

Here is a link to a Meet Up group paddling in Houston, Dec 11, 2016, 4 days ago. I see some strange kayak gear in use. Although I have used an umbrella for a sail before.


I used to paddle Sheldon lake, NE Houston in February/March.
8608 Pineland Rd, Houston, TX 77044

On the map it looks like there are lakes all around the Dallas area. As long as the water hasn’t turned solid, there’s no reason to not go paddling. Just stay close to shore until you feel confident about the boat. Wear your pfd and if you don’t know how to swim, you should learn that first.

Looking at your weather today, the temperature of the air (69 degrees), or the water shouldn’t be a problem.