Texas Canoe Registration

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I recently purchased an old aluminum canoe. The seller advised that he purchased the canoe used in the early 90's. I'm guessing that the canoe was manufactured in the 70's. I know to attach a trolling motor to the canoe I have to Register it with TPWD. The seller advised that he has never attached a motor, and the canoe has never been registered. Near the stern of the canoe is a plate that has been riveted to the canoe. There is what appears to be a Serial #, Horse Power rating, Number of Occupants, and weight capacity. These numbers are legible because they are stamped into the plate. The rest of the plate is so sun faded that the manufacturer name, and model number are no longer their. My question is will I still be to register the canoe without knowing the manufacturer?

Also I have Photos of the Canoe and the plate I can e-mail. I cant figure out how to attach them


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the first three letters of the hull identification number should give you the manufacturer id. You can look them up here:


The bigger problem may be the title...do you have it and is it in your name? If the boat has never been titled, you'll need an affidavit from the previous owner explaining why the boat has never been titled to get a title and registration. You also have to pay taxes on the sale price.

I once tried to register my canoe with TPWD and failed, since the previous owner would not give me the affidavit. BTW, they did not take credit cards so bring cash or check!!