Texas Gulf kayak fishing action.

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This is NOT something I'm involved in. Can't afford the kayak I need nor the cost of the trips. But, thought some would like to see what's happening with kayak fishing off shore in Texas. Saturday, a group of these guys pulled in over 100 bull reds...there were 18 fishermen. Plenty of sharks are caught each trip, some around 5 ft. or so. These guys are fishing anywhere from 400 yards to two miles offshore. A few have paddled out as much as 12 miles on a very calm day to fish nearby rigs.


And some more from Sunday:


Video action without a thread of commentary:


Oh Man
Those pics bring back memories and make my heart ache for fishing the Texas coast. When I lived in SA I was fairly active on TKF and used to fish the Lighthouse Lakes near Port A all the time. Still got a TKF sticker on my truck.

TKF has grown. Its now as large as
kayakfishingstuff.com. Lots of diversity, though its heavily SOT oriented. The freshwater board is not very big, but has become quite active. There are several of us that post on that board that have invested some time in keeping it together. Now, its beginning to pay dividends.

On the 6th, a bunch of us are meeting up at Hwy 7 on the Brazos southeast of Waco and going gar and catfish hunting downstream. We’re the freshwater beyond the breakers crowd. One of our group, Stider, has severla 100 lb + gar to his credit, including one of 180 lbs.

Added video of the action, no thread:

That’s cruel, dude!
Wicked video. Perhaps a massive road trip is in order this winter. Some Texas fishing never hurt anybody. I was pretty active with the SA clan on TKF. We did alot of freshwater in the Hill Country. Medina Lake, Boerne Lake, and The Guadalupe. Texas has got some monster Cats!

Then you know Pit on the Prowl,
Electric Water Boy, and the older guy I think they call Popeye or something…big tall dude that at voer 70 can roll an SOT. I’ve not met them, but the San Antonio crowd comes off as a damn good bunch of guys. With nearly 8000 members, TKF is getting a bit crowded. Still the best, though.

I know ELB and Popeye. The other name doesn’t ring a bell. Most of them were good guys. TKF was an awesome kayak fishing board for me at the time. Always good advice and not too much bickering. Also enjoyed Texas Fly Report though not much paddling related. But good info on where to fly fish for bass.

Texas Fly Report has become
much more kayak oriented. As you can imagine, Pearow has lead the charge. I’ve a fly rod he built. Don’t use it much as I fish Lake Houston which isn’t much as a fly lake. But, the guys on the fly report are not as sophisticated about kayaks as on TKF.

Pit worked at an Academy probably back when you were in Texas and paddled a 9.5" Heritage sit inside.

Now I know
who he is. I may have known him by a different name. We fished Boerne Lake a couple of times together.