Texas Kayak Surfing in Fall???

I recently moved to SW Oklahoma and am thinking of making a trip down to the Texas coast to do some surfing this fall.

I have never kayaked down there before so I only know what I have found from my research. I am leaning towards going to South Padre in mid-October. Most of what I have read suggests that Padre may have the best surf in TX, but I am only going off what I have read on the internet (of course everything on the internet has to be true).

Would this likely be a good time of year and location for good surf conditions (maybe the 3-5 foot range)?



I would call the C of C and ask.
Or one of the local outfitters.

The C of C???
Would you please clarify? Not tracking on that one.



Chamber of Commerce (nm)

s w oklahoma
Bowler. Are you in some witness protection program ?

Not a lot of Surf kayakers in Texas
My sister lives north of Houston and I have checked out surfing opportunities in TX, it’s pretty bleak. You can look on Surfline or Wannasurf. Your best bet will be if there is a hurricane in the right swell window -Padre Island, etc Not something you can predict more than a couple of days in advance.

You might be able to contact Rick Hayley through his youtube channel address on gmail. Rick switched to waveskis, but I suspect he is probably one of the most knowledgable butt surfers in TX. He has competed in kayaks and waveskis here in CA at Ventura and Santa Cruz. I think his wife had serious health issues and have not heard from him in a couple of years.


can hear them now … “You want to do what?”