Texas ???? long distance tripping

I normally paddle Alaska in the summer months but due to a lousy work schedule I find myself in Texas with January vacation time.I understand there's a lot of beautiful rivers to float here in the lone star state. But my wife and I only have the one Yakima rack.So I have no idea how to pull off a drop and pick up on one of these.We would like to do a week of kayak paddle camping along the coast but the paddle trails are all very short.Has anyone put together a robust multi day trip on the Texas coast?

I once planned a long trip on the Rio Grande thru Big Bend with my brother for February. Texas gets a Norther once in a while and it gets cold. We cancelled our trip after snow hit and the temperatures took a nose dive. We were going to be in dark canyons a lot of the time.

The other long trip is the TX Colorado Trail.

I was
I once had the idea of a good route would be down the Rio Grand…up the coast and back in and UP the Brazos and loop back…probably a 4 month trip but would be awesome…

Texas has a few options for paddling
but the current drought and hostile landowners are big obstacles. Shoot me an email and let me know what part of the state you’d like to paddle, and maybe I can give you some suggestions.