Texas Rivers

What are the currents of the Brazos and Guadalupe rivers?

Trying to decide which river to go to and how far we can go in 6 days.

Thus United States Geological Survey (USGS) publishes water data for US rivers.

The website http://southwestpaddler.com/indexTX.html has informative descriptions of Texas river sections including recommended flow rates with convenient links to USGS real time data.

Be conservative and enjoy yourself more.
If water were “up” (TX has been dry lately), you might push and make up to 20 miles a day. If it’s low, you may be getting out and dragging here and there.

On the Dolores, a much faster flowing river (when there is water), I averaged 13 miles a day for three days. Plenty of scenery, but no fish on the Dolores, and I stopped only to stretch my legs.

I seriously suggest keeping it to 10 miles a day, leaving time for hikes and fishing.