Thailand Catfish

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Anyone hear about the giant catfish that was caught in Thailand recently? 646 lbs!!!! Wow, thats amazing. Whats the biggest fish you have caught off shore, and from a yak? The biggest for me would have to be a 15lb channel cat from land, and a 20 inch largemouth from the kayak. There's an article and picture on the giant @

Unfortunately, the giant cats are
endangered. As with many of the big freshwater fish (sturgeon and alligator gar come to mind) to many dams mess up the habitat.

that’s a beast…
it’s a shame they killed that magnificent creature. the mekong and amazon are two destinations i’d like to fish for cats before i die.

A few years back on PBS during a story
about the Mekong River, they showed I think about 5 locals trying to wrestle a monster catfish ashore. I think they said it was around 500lbs.